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About your account on rachel

Please read the rules

The rules at apply to your account.

What you get to use

A typical "Web hosting" account on rachel comes with the following features:

  1. A ``shell.''

  2. A ``Web Project directory.'' This directory is probably the reason you have an account here. This is a directory (or ``folder'') whose contents are visible to the public through the Web server. (Default file names.)

    You might be part of a team of Web designers. In that case, somebody else on your team might own the project directory where you will be working.

  3. Personal Web storage. This is another directory exposed to public view. It appears on the Web at and the directory name is .www in your home. This storage is for your résumé, or other personal files you choose to publish, so you don't have to clutter up your Project with them.

  4. Versatile email forwarding.

  5. Secure Copy access instead of FTP. We don't use FTP here any more. There are too many cable modem and college campus users. Please complain to your cable modem provider for doing nothing about rampant trojan proxies. Please complain to your integrated software vendor if they don't support SSH2/SCP/SFTP. Please complain to the US Federal Government and your state's attorney general about the deplorable security situation with Microsoft's desktop software.

    Microsoft users should copy files to rachel with WinSCP. Classic MacOS users might like MacSSH Please read step 3.

    When you log, in, the server will start in your home directory, which is not visible to any Web server. To upload files for Web service, you will have to change directories.

  6. Emergency nameservice.

  7. other software on rachel.

Software documentation

is sometimes better than nothing.

by Cameron Spitzer