What's this? Why are you blocking my email?

Chances are you're here because a Green Internet Society server refused your email.

Sorry about that. Please don't take it personally. We're coping as best we can with the disaster that's hit the public email system. Junk email is growing exponentially, and the corporations responsible aren't really doing anything to stop it. You're caught in the middle. Either we've been getting junk email from computers very near yours on the Internet, or you're sending from a computer whose address has no name, or only a generic name. No matter, just fill out the form and we'll accept your email.

Leave any box blank if you want, but the more info we have the better your chances we can help.

Your name:
Your email address, so we can ask for any more information we need to unblock your service. We won't use it for anything else, and it will not be leaked:
What is the name of the company that provides your email service? Please note, very often it is a different company than the one that provides your Internet access. (For example, Yahoo Inc, Comcast, University of Buffalo...)
Some people send email through an email program such as Microsoft Outlook Express or Mozilla Thunderbird. Some people send email through a form in a Web site such as http://mail.yahoo.com or https://greens.org/sqmail/. It may be an employer's site, or a school's, or a club's. Some people do both. Please check the boxes that apply to you. I send email through a Web site. Its URL is
I use an email program on my computer.

Look very carefully at the message you received showing that your email did not go through. The return email is called a "bounce" or a "Delivery Status Notification (DSN)." Very often it contains the exact information we are looking for. But that information is surrounded by a lot of numbers and punctuation that only geeks can understand, and unfamiliar phrases like "Transcript of the SMTP session".

Somewhere in the "bounce" there are some words that were sent by our email server about why it didn't like your message. Maybe it says

-- Sorry, looks like phish. See greens.org/delist --
or maybe
Sorry, your sending address ( seems to be in an area that sends a lot of spam. Please see http://greens.org/delist or use your ISP's SMTP relay server.
450 4.7.1 <ISSMEX01.ismarts.com.mx>: Helo command rejected: Host not found

Please select that stuff in the "bounce" message and paste it in this box:

Here is the most important and difficult question on this form. We are going to figure out where on the Internet the email you send actually comes from. These locations, known as Internet Protocol (IP) addresses, are expressed as a string of four little numbers connected by three dots. For example, email from gp-us.org comes from the IP address

Most people don't know the answer to that question off-hand. Most of the time their email providers think it's a big secret, or say "you don't need to know that." If your workplace is bureaucratic and oppressive, you might not want to ask anyone. Sometimes the workplace email was set up by a consultant and she is long-gone, and nobody knows the answer.

What is the IP address your email enters the Internet from?
Check here if you don't know.
It's okay if you don't know. We will send you a test message. When you reply to it, we can find your IP address that way.
Your phone number, if you want us to call.
best time to call