Kerrie Dickson
Your Green Party Candidate
for Labor Commissioner of Georgia

Why Kerrie is running for
Labor Commissioner:

This is what she had to say when she announced her campaign on June 1:

"It is time we acknowledge the adversities faced by single parents and provided assistance with flexible scheduling and childcare on the job." As Labor Commissioner Ms. Dickson promises to go to bat for livable wages, access to health care, safe working conditions and dignity on the job. Her strategies for full employment include work sharing and voluntary part time arrangements with benefits extended on a pro-rata basis. "A Labor Commissioner cannot do for workers what we must do for ourselves by building strong unions. But we -- as working people -- need a Labor Commissioner who will work hand-in-hand with our unions and communities to protect both organized and unorganized workers of this state."

Ms. Dickson points to the Democratic Party's support for NAFTA, GATT and the MAI as some of the reasons she has thrown her support behind a new political party. "The Free Trade agenda has had a devastating impact on Georgia's rural communities. It is time we built a Party which was loyal to the citizens of this country, not the corporate contributors who finance electoral campaigns."

See what Kerrie and to say about the Violence in Chiapasand its link to job loss here in Georgia.

Who is Kerrie Dickson?


Here is the press coverage:

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