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Synthesis/Regeneration 6   (Spring 1993)

Green Alternatives to Economic Catastrophe


Greens agree on the need for more local production and democratic self-management of communities and workplaces. But articles in this section do not agree on the role of government or the place of the market in a Green society. When the Republicans and Democrats propose "free" trade, should we make counterproposals for increased government regulations? Should Greens advocate a national government having the right to overturn local laws? What about a global government being able to overturn national laws? Do these concepts always violate Green values of local self-sufficiency, or, are they often necessary?

An even larger issue dividing the approaches of authors is the virtue or vice of an economic market and its current manifestation, the transnational corporation (TNC). Is a market economy compatible with Green values? Do Greens believe that the ideas in this section are principles which should co-exist with TNCs, or, are they the beginnings of an economic system to replace TNCs?

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