Synthesis/Regeneration 13   (Spring 1997)

Green Party of Taiwan Supports Eastern Turkestan

by Kuang-Yu Chen and Tze-Luen Lin, U.S. Coordinators, Green Party of Taiwan

This is a statement by the Green Party of Taiwan to support the Eastern Turkestan self-determination/ independence movement. The International Taklamakan Uighur Human Rights Association (ITUHRA ) held a demonstration in Washington DC on February 15, 1997. During a 100 days period beginning April 16, 1996, 1,700 Uighur people were executed and 57,000 people were arrested. In February, 1997, 410 people were executed without any trial in front of their family, relatives, and friends. Another 5000 people were arrested. The Chinese government does its nuclear weapons testing in Xijing, the home of the Uighur people.

The Chinese government does its nuclear weapons testing in Xijing, the home of the Uighur people.

For social justice, against environmental racism, for human rights, and also for grassroots democracy, we believe that Green Parties should strongly condemn the Chinese government's brutal suppression and bloody murder.

For more information, please contact Mr. Abulajiang Baret, the president of ITUHRA, at 202-537-8543 or 202-966-1174. The fax number is 202-966-1174. Or send e-mail to (Bill Mitchell) or check their homepage at

Condemnation of the Crackdown
on the Uighurs in Eastern Turkestan (2/15/97)

We, the Green Party of Taiwan, condemn the recent brutal suppression by Chinese Communist security forces of Uighur demonstrators in the town of Yining.

This kind of brutal suppression is intolerable and violates human rights, the right of self-determination and grassroots democracy. The Green Party of Taiwan will stand on the side of the people of Eastern Turkestan and support their demands.

Any kind of environmental racism is unacceptable. We, the Green Party of Taiwan, strongly demand that the Chinese government stop nuclear testing and polluting the environment with radioactive waste in Eastern Turkestan.

Indigenous peoples' rights and culture should be respected; any kind of discrimination toward indigenous peoples violates basic human rights. We hope that all the indigenous peoples and minorities in China can cooperate together against China's hegemony.

We urge Green Parties all over the world to stand up to support the people of Eastern Turkestan to fulfill goals for ecological wisdom, social justice, grassroots democracy, and non-violence.

Contact the Green Party of Taiwan at or,
Kuang-Yu Chen at 301-681-3147,
or Tze-Luen Lin at 302-369-0588

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