Synthesis/Regeneration 13   (Spring 1997)


Green Party, World Trade Union Movement, and World Government

Dear S/R,

The decline of the United States is creating numerous problems for the American people. Unemployment is increasing; homelessness is increasing; the hungry are increasing; and millions more are finding it difficult to survive.

Unions are uniting to combat this decline and reverse this situation. As Greens we must join and support this new awakening by the American people, and give it direction, goals, and purpose. With this general decline, we also see a breakdown in morals. As Greens and Rationalists we must put forward a code of Civil Resistance and Socialist politics as a means and ends in the revolution.

As Greens we must take an independent political path. We must put forward an alternative to the American people. With the increasing polarization between the rich and poor, socialism is the only system which can solve this problem of human misery.

As revolutionaries we must take a non-violent path to socialism. Traditional socialist parties failed to create a full employment economy and the problems of poverty and war still exist. We must work for a basic change, not a reformist one. Only an egalitarian society can create equality for all: women, workers, poor. Only in a direct democracy can we have justice and equality for all.

As Greens we must seek to build an independent political movement in the trade union movement. We can work with women's, poor people's, peace, and people of color organizations, and others. We must give leadership to the revolution and give it direction. In this revolutionary process we must create a parallel government in these people's organizations, dismantle the government, and replace it with a socialist government. Workers can occupy their places of work and run them. Because of limited natural resources, eco-industries must be created. Recycling will be necessary. Some industries can be modernized by new technology. People will live and work in a direct democracy. The state will be guided by workers councils and people will live by a democratic ethic.

The world Green revolution will support the United Nations in its task of peace making and human progress around in the world. The Green Parties around the world must take a stand against imperialism and defend people's right to self determination. The World Court would bring charges against an aggressor nation. In the process, the United Nations would be transformed into a world government.

The world Green revolution should, in each nation, by non-violent means, dismantle the military industrial complex and replace it with a world police force to resolve problems and disputes. All nations should assist the world court in solving minor conflicts.

The world Green non-violent revolution and the establishment of a World Government will end the cycles of war and suffering. Problems such as hunger, poverty, backwardness, and illiteracy can only be solved by socialism.

—Hugh G. Crockard, Wheeling, W.V.

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