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Synthesis/Regeneration 19   (Spring 1999)

Towards An Organic Nation:

The Green Party Policy On Safe Food

New Zealand Green Party

Press Release: Monday, 14 December 1998
(partial text)

Right now New Zealand is at a cross roads. We could keep on the path of industrial food production, selling bulk commodities at low prices. Or we could position ourselves as an organic nation with a determined strategy to support our growers to produce and market the highest quality clean green food, making our reputation a reality before we lose it. That opportunity is not compatible with embracing genetic engineering for crops grown in NZ. The production of pesticide-resistant insect pests, creation of new plant and animal viruses and the gradual pollution of the gene pool with unnatural genetic material will eventually make it impossible for any NZ production to comply with internationally recognised organic standards.

In other words, we have to choose, and we have to choose soon.

Food policy is also about democracy. Citizens have a fundamental right to know what is in their food, and to participate in decisions about what will be allowed. We cannot allow the imposed rules of a world trade club most New Zealanders did not choose to join to override our rights to information or to health.

Citizens have a fundamental right to know what is in their food, and to participate in decisions about what will be allowed.

Our Target: an organic nation by 2020

Our policies are aimed at having half of New Zealand's production certified organic by 2020, and the remainder in the process of conversion. As a first step towards this target., we aim to have 10% certified organic by 2005.

Policies to promote organic growing

Pesticide Reduction Program

New Zealand a GMF-Free Nation

Food Irradiation

We believe New Zealand should remain an Irradiation-Free Nation.


To slow down the spread of antibiotic-resistance in New Zealand:

BSE (Mad Cow Disease) To ensure New Zealand remains BSE-free:

Growth Hormones

Discontinue the use of growth hormones to make animals grow more quickly or produce more milk.

Food Additives The precautionary approach will apply to any additives that have questions surrounding their safety.


The consumer's right to know requires labeling that is easier to understand, and more informative, with all ingredients and additives listed.

Food Standards

Our food standards are increasingly set by authorities which represent the food industry and are keen to promote world trade. To ensure safety is paramount:

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