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Synthesis/Regeneration 20   (Fall, 1999)

Press Release, Les Verts (French Greens)
March 25, 1999

Conscious of the fact that an armed intervention had become inevitable, but with reservations regarding an intervention that confined itself to air strikes, the Greens' representatives expressed their doubts in the parliamentary debate. As the German Minister of Defense confirmed our worst fears, namely that a genocide is in progress in Kosovo, we couldn't understand why the French premier sent a message to the Serbian dictator which said: air strikes but only air strikes; the ethnic cleansing can go on, accelerated by the departure of western observers.

The Greens don't accept air strikes which, without action to secure the inviolability of the Kosovar population (including the Serbian minority), confine themselves to a military display. Therefore, the Greens demand use of an international interposition force, if possible with a UN mandate, with the mission of enforcing an armistice, the withdrawal of Serbian forces, safeguarding of the population and the disarming of the KLA.

Translation by Phil Hill.

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