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Synthesis/Regeneration 20   (Fall, 1999)

Statement by AGALEV (Belgian Greens),
March 28, 1999

After initiation of the NATO action, AGALEV deeply regrets the fact that things have come to military action. The expulsion led by Milosevic and the terrorization of the Albanian residents of Kosovo has cost many people their lives, and may be tolerated no longer. The Serbian government has in no way constructively contributed to a true peace process, despite the efforts of the contact group, the EU and the USA. For the Greens this is completely unacceptable. It proves to us that Milosevic is steering toward a military solution to the problem. The international community cannot watch silently as this state of affairs continues. ... In these circumstances we call on the international community, and all the countries, particularly those which are friendly with Serbia, to do everything to convince Milosevic to proclaim an immediate armistice in Kosovo. The Serbian attacks on the Albanian population must be stopped. The KLA must be called upon to cease all combat activity. The negotiations in Rambouillet must be resumed. The Serbian government must accept that an international force supervise the results of the negotiations on the ground.

Translation by Phil Hill, a member of both the Greens/Green Party USA and Alliance 90/The Greens.

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