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Synthesis/Regeneration 20   (Fall, 1999)

Statement by Mexican Ecologist Youth Movement,
May 14, 1999

The National Executive Committee of the Ecologist Youth Movement of the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico met in an extraordinary meeting and resolved by unanimity the following:

1. The Youth Movement of the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico energetically condemns the bellicose actions taken by the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in the region of Kosovo.

2. Pacifism and non violence are fundamental principals of the national and international Green movements and by no means are subject to negotiation or agreements.

3. The Green Youth Movement of Mexico manifests its surprise towards some Greens in Europe concerning their support towards NATO.

4. We reject the arms race and the international trade of weapons, fundamental elements of war.

5. We condemn the policy of extermination of the Serbian regime of Slobodan Milosevic.

6. As young people we demand a world free of armed conflicts to guarantee development and well being for future generations.

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