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Synthesis/Regeneration 20   (Fall, 1999)

Declaration of the Green Party
of Albania, April, 1999

In this extremely difficult situation for the Albanian Nation, the Greens of Albania, express our gratitude to the European Greens who have expressed their solidarity with our brothers, the Kosovo Albanians, who are experiencing and living through the greatest humanitarian tragedy in Europe.

The bloody regime of Milosevic is torturing and killing, exercising an obscene genocide against the Kosovo Albanians. The crimes against them comprise an endless list: teachers have been shot in front in front of their pupils, men have been separated from women, children and the elderly and thousands of defenseless people have been taken hostage and, in many cases for no reason, have been tortured and shot, taking advantage of the absence of laws in the bloody government of Milosevic.

In this extremely difficult situation, we, the Albanian Greens appeal with this declaration for the European Greens as well as those throughout the world to express their solidarity with these people to support them in overcoming the catastrophe into which they have been forced by Slobodan Milosevic and his criminal bands who are now well-known to the international public.

We express our amazement and deep bitterness for the position of the Italian Greens, which independently of their geographic affinity to the region, are the only ones not to have denounced the regime of Milosvic for all the sufferings that he is forcing on two million unprotected people.

We hope to receive, and anticipate, the solidarity of European Greens as well as that of all greens from around the World.

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