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Synthesis/Regeneration 21   (Winter 2000)

Where Does All This Violence Come From &
What Can We Do About It?

by Nancy Oden, CLEAN: Maine

In today's world, dominated by aging capitalism running out of markets, ever more violent acts are visited upon us by multinational corporations in the name of science, which they own, in collusion with the US government, which they also own. Aside from their wars, which inflict much human suffering and poisoning of nature (and bring them gluttonous profits), we have toxic chemicals, genetic mutilation of plants, animals, and humans, nuclear poisoning of Native American lands, nuclear waste emitting deadly rays, food irradiation, continued use of chloroflourocarbons and other ozone-depleting chemicals, and increased violence by police protecting corporate interests.

We can decrease violence among individuals now, while we're fighting corporate and government-sanctioned violence, and while working towards a saner, truly democratic society where we, the people, make the decisions that affect our lives. Here are some ideas:

Elect arbitration panels to deal with local disputes before they escalate into violence.

A lot of what has been said here is just common sense—why isn't it being done? Because corporations and governments control much of our lives: where we work, what we learn, what we buy, what we get paid, what we eat, and more. When we're making the decisions that affect our lives, we can begin to flourish as truly loving, caring, productive human beings, who take good care of our only home, Earth.

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