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Synthesis/Regeneration 24   (Winter 2001)

G/GPUSA Calls for Pro-Democracy Reforms

The Greens/Green Party USA believes that the exposure of racism, partisan bias, and general incompetence in the Florida election process and vote count underscores the need for many electoral reforms that are needed for fair elections in the United States.

We condemn the shameful Republican organization of, and Democratic complicity in, the suppression of the black vote in Florida by voter registration list purges, antiquated punch card technology disproportionately assigned to black-majority precincts, and biased poll workers and other official intimidation and misconduct. We call for prosecutions by the US Justice Department under the Voting Rights Act, as well as investigations by independent journalists and unbiased international observers. The Greens/Green Party USA also calls for:

  1. Strict enforcement of the Voting Rights Act and its amendment to make illegal the new sophisticated methods of voter discrimination exposed in the Florida presidential election process;
  2. Abolition of the electoral college and its replacement by direct election of the president by instant runoff voting;
  3. Proportional representation in legislative bodies;
  4. Public funding of public election campaigns;
  5. Free and equal access to broadcast media for all ballot-qualified candidates;
  6. Federal standards and funding for modern voting technology, fair ballot design, and fair ballot access;
  7. Same day voter registration;
  8. A national holiday on election day;
  9. A people's debate commission to open the presidential debates to third party candidates;
  10. Non-partisan election administration bodies;
  11. Voting rights for prisoners and ex-prisoners;
  12. Statehood for the District of Columbia.

For more information contact Starlene Rankin at 978-828-6560 or at starlene@greens.org

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