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32 Synthesis/Regeneration       Fall 2003


Biotech "Feeding the Poor"
Lucy Sharratt debunks a massive effort to obscure the true causes of hunger.

The Biotech Industry and Repression in St. Louis
Don Fitz explains the use of "permanent hysteria" to suppress discussion of GE in Monsanto's home town.

Report from the Bolozone
St. Louis police told Kelley Meister that they did not need a search warrant.

Green Party Asks for Investigation of May 16 Police Abuse
The St. Louis Police Department misused the Building Inspector's authority to conduct an illegal search the Green Party office.

Dumping GMOs in Africa
Lawrence Tsimese tells how the "Green Revolution" created hunger amidst abundance.

The Food Crisis in Zambia
Mwananyanda Lewanika explains hazards of GE to Zambians, who eat corn as a major component of their diet.

Safe Food for Good Health and Environment
Raymond Bokor describes threats that pesticides pose to Africans.

Future of Indigenous Agriculture
Ana Ruiz Diaz understands the central role of corn in rural Mexican cultures.

A Global Citizen's Declaration for Biosafety and Food Security
The Biodevastation 7 resolution recognizes that promises that GE would feed the world and benefit farmers have proven entirely false.

What They Didn't Get
Poetry by Michael Allen.


Bio-Terrorism and SARS
Mae-Wan Ho worries that disease-causing viruses and bacteria are the predominant tools of GE.

Deep Ecology Perspectives
David Orton describes the first social movement in history to advocate a lower material standard of living.

Ecofascism: Deep Ecology & Right-Wing Co-optation
Kev Smith fears that lack of self-analysis can mutate ecological politics into a religion.

Poor Performance of Genetically Engineered Crops
Steven Drucker documents that GE soybean reduces yield.

"Critical Use" Exemptions and the Methyl Bromide Blues
Sarah Bartlett and John Hickman are concerned with a delay in the restoration of the ozone layer.

Politics and Election

The Antiwar Movement and the 2004 Elections
Steve Bloom notes that the Green Party alternative rejects donations from the rich.

A Green Party "Safe States" Strategy
Ted Glick does not believe that progressives should support whomever the Democrats nominate.

"Strategic Voting" Is Strategic Suicide
Howie Hawkins says that no one will take Greens seriously if they do not campaign where they might affect the outcome.

The Bush Cabal and the Specter of Fascism
Seth Farber argues that running a presidential candidate will destroy the reputation of the Greens among progressives.

Party Building and the 2004 Elections
Philip Webb insists that Greens must put forth a candidate.

No Shortcut to Power
Henry Robertson advocates a local focus to politics.

Thoughts on the Election
Sarah Bartlett, John Hickman, Gabe Ignetti, James Clifford and Kevin Koch share a range of electoral views.

The Argentinian Autonomist Movements
Graciela Monteagudo witnessed masses of people using direct democracy to pressure the government.

Crisis in the Campus Greens
Jesse Mortenson observed a subtle domination effect by GPUS.

Thinking Economically

The Myth of Caspian Oil
Patrick Eytchison points to non-scientific reasons for reports of high reserves.

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