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34 Synthesis/Regeneration       Spring 2004


Biodevastation 7

Schmeiser Stands Up to Biotech Tyrant
Uncle Don Fanning thinks that Monsanto is aiming for monopolistic control of our food supply.

US Leads in Production of Bioterror Diseases
Edward Hammond reveals that the US stands in the way of international cooperation to prevent biowarfare.

Nuclear Labs Move into the "Biodefense" Business
Inga Olson documents a 50-year history of leaks, spills and accidents.

Bioweapons in New Mexico
Colin King describes how scientists had been conducting research on agents such as anthrax without the knowledge of their superiors.

US Army Dugway Proving Ground: Basin for Bio-testing
Steve Erickson found Dugway unwilling to provide any information concerning the anthrax letter attacks of Fall 2001.

Resistance to Genetic Engineering in Africa
Raymond Bokor finds the greatest negative impact of biotechnology to be on resource poor farmers.

Lead Poisoning in St. Louis
Daniel Berg observes a failure to confront a totally preventable cause of brain damage.

Thinking Ecologically

GM Crops Increase Pesticide Use
Charles Benbrook's data convinces Lim Li Ching that new resistant weeds will continue to arise.

Genetically Modified Crops in Africa
Glenn Ashton exposes an attempt to transform Africa into a food dependent vassal continent.

Transgenic Trees Spread Mercury Poisoning
Joe Cummins explains "remediation" that would simply move the pollution into the atmosphere.

Chemical Industry's Secret Plan to Attack California's Anti-Toxics Trend
The Environmental Working Group uncovered tactics including the creation of phony front groups and spying on activists.

The Independent Science Panel on GM Final Report
The Institute of Science in Society reports on a meeting concerned with misrepresentation and suppression of scientific evidence.

Thinking Politically

Should the Democratic Party Nominate a Presidential Candidate in 2004?
Don Fitz notes that the Democrats chose George W. Bush as their "lesser evil."

The Avocado Declaration
Peter Camejo sees the two-party system shifting back and forth to maintain corporate control.

Letter to the Green Party of the US
Ralph Nader says that a presidential candidate cannot wait until June to see what the Green Party will do.

"Atoms-Out" in Germany
Jason Murphy credits the Greens with the first nuclear reactor being taken off the grid.

The Importance of Being Alienated (and Organized)
Patrick Eytchison argues that elections function to transform dissent into manageable dialogue within a system of exploitation.

Thinking Economically

Protecting the Environment in a Participatory Economy
Robin Hahnel advocates people in different regions choosing tradeoffs between less pollution and more consumption.

Information Warfare in the Age of Empire
Ilyse Hogue & Patrick Reinsborough understand the bigger agenda of Miami policing was to control the public perception of mass protest.

GM Industry & Science Busy Exploiting Hunger
Devinder Sharma observes that millions starve while mountains of foodgrains rot in the open.

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