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39 Synthesis/Regeneration       Winter 2006



A Green View of the Katrina Disaster
Robert Caldwell expects that Katrina will become the textbook case for urban natural disasters, social dislocation, and (lack of) urban planning.

New Orleans: Whose Fault?
Lorna Salzman proposes to remove all structures and infrastructure from the Mississippi River flood plain for its entire 1500 mile length, especially in its lower reaches.

Scrambling and Gambling with the Genome
Jeffrey Smith fears that many biotech scientists are unaware of the massive quantity of mutations that are generated by gene insertion.

A New Way to Inherit Environmental Harm
Tim Montague suggests that the cancer you get today may have been caused by your grandmother's exposure to an industrial poison 50 years ago.

Black Struggles For Justice

Hurricane Katrina: The Black Nation's 9/11!
Saladin Muhammad outlines the role of national oppression in the magnitude of the Katrina disaster.

Globalization and Racialization
Manning Marable identifies the oppressive structures of mass unemployment, mass incarceration and mass disenfranchisement.

Apartheid America
Jonathan Kozol tells Sarah Karnasiewicz that segregated schools have the lowest scores, the highest class sizes, the least experienced teachers and the most devastating dropout rates.

The Uncle Tom Award
Jonathan Matthews describes manipulation efforts of biotech companies.

Militarization of US Africa Policy, 2000 to 2005
William Hartung and Frida Berrigan maintain that a major increase in US military exercises and training missions will be used to sustain a US presence in Africa.

A Review of Civilian Review
John Chasnoff notes that, since most review boards are ineffective, subpoena power is critically important.

Running on the Green Ticket
Donna J. Warren observes that African Americans were the racial group delivering the largest Green Party vote in the California recall election.

Racism in the Green Party
Willie Marshall recounts to Don Fitz how whites on the Green Party of St. Louis Central Committee removed every black member.

Thinking Politically

The Most Cowardly War in History
Arundhati Roy ponders those who helped install Saddam Hussein in power.

The Democrats' Environmental Record
Joshua Frank observes that forests have fared far better under Bush than they did under his Democratic predecessor.

Call for Formation of a Green Committee for Democracy and Independence
GDI wants to institutionalize policies that declare independence from the corporate parties.

Election Fraud Continues in the US
Peter Phillips documents that where exit polls disagreed with computerized outcomes, the results always favored Bush.

The Importance of a Green Left
Forrest Hill and Todd Cretien believe that moving to sustainability requires a radical shift away from a growth economy.

Why I Left the Greens
Arnaud Herve understands that electoral success in Europe resulted in Greens' being lost to ecology.

Conflict in the Green Party - A Response
Mark Kamleiter asks if "realos" seriously believe that at some future time Democrats will welcome Green candidates.

Showdown in the Green Party
Ashley Smith reports a meeting which had a not-so-subtle message that the Green Party should exclude the left.

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