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41 Synthesis/Regeneration       Fall 2006


Lead Toxicity
Devin Ceartas explains the tendency for the body to confuse lead for calcium which results in lead being incorporated into bones and teeth.

The Lead Industry and Child Lead Poisoning
Richard Rabin reports that the lead industry knew the dangers of lead paint early in the 20th century.

EPA Fails to Lead on Lead
Don Fitz describes a proposed rule that would go backwards and legitimize practices known to generate large amounts of lead dust and fumes.

A Firm Grip on the Corporate Ankle
Tom Kruzen shows that the Doe Run Company cozied up to the very government agencies which were sworn to "protect" resources.

Sherwin-Williams: Covering Our Communities with Toxics
ACORN documents that the paint company is choosing to pay for the privilege of polluting the air rather than reformulating their products.

Ivory Perry and the Fight Against Lead Poisoning in St. Louis
George Lipsitz recounts a 35 year old struggle.

Lead Follies in St. Louis
Don Fitz demonstrates that the City made no progress at all in making a showcase block "lead safe."

Rochester Gets the Lead Out
Jon Greenbaum was part of an effort to change the practice of using children as human lead tests.

Laws on Lead
Massachusetts, Milwaukee and San Francisco have laws that other local governments might want to study.


Biofuels: An Ecological Alternative?
According to Oilwatch, third world countries could cut back on growing crops for food in order to produce "clean fuels" for Europe.

EnviroHealth: Big Medicine's Malignant Growth
Stan Cox believes that there is an ethical imperative to rein in a system whose rapid growth seems to be producing more profit but less health.

General Electric and the New York-Presbyterian Hospital
Martin Donohoe provides an example of a partnership between an academic medical center and a corporation which has harmed public health.

Biotech Company Turns Peruvian Hospitals into Laboratories
Silvia Ribeiro tells of Ventria Bioscience experiments on third world children using a "pharmed" crop .

Thinking Politically

The Gaza-Lebanon Crises
Phyllis Bennis understands that military attacks represent a massive collective punishment against the 1.3 million people of Gaza.

Israeli Elections: A Vote for Apartheid
Omar Barghouti discovered that more than two-thirds of Israeli Jews would not live in the same building with Palestinian citizens.

Open Letter to George W. Bush
Ralph Nader observers that presidential support of the aggression can unleash a domino effect of warring actions and reactions.

The Sun Rises from the South
The National Council of Arab Americans recognize an overall plan of conquest by Israel and the US.

Containing China
Michael T. Klare perceives Republican strategists becoming concerned with growing Chinese involvement in the Persian Gulf and Central Asia.

Open Letter to Supporters
Peter Camejo notes that on June 6 there was the largest statewide vote ever for a Green in California.

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