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44 Synthesis/Regeneration       Fall 2007


There Is No Shortage of Energy
Don Fitz explains that the market creates artificial desires faster than the planet’s ecosystems can sustain them.

Global Warming: Too Much Energy
Henry Robertson observes that half of all fossil fuel consumed since the Industrial Revolution was burned in the last 20 years.

Why 80%?
Stan Cox calculates that Americans may actually have to slash per capita carbon emissions by 85–93%.

Livestock a Major Threat to Environment
The Food & Agriculture Organization of the United Nations describe a sector that generates more greenhouse gas emissions than transport.

Clean Coal, Forest Biofuel and Other Fairy Tales
Glen Barry documents that woody forest “waste” materials are the nutrient materials that new forests depend upon.

Consume, Consume, Consume: Can Efficiency and Renewables Stop Global Warming?
Don Fitz realizes that switching to solar and wind power without energy reduction might require the most intense use of fossil and nuclear fuels the world has ever seen.

Energy Reduction in Los Angeles
Nikki Ervin advocates restricting all commuter traffic into the city.

Is a Modest Health Care System Possible?
Andrew Jameton recognizes that cutting health care in half is likely to improve it.

Energy Use in Biologically Intensive Farming
Steve Moore & John Jeavons demonstrate how to produce food with 67–88% less water, 50–100% less purchased fertilizer and 90% less energy.

A Zero Waste Energy Approach
Muna Lakhani feels that those in the poor South must halt the wholesale rape of resources for the benefit of the rich Northern minority.

Powerdown: Learning from Cuba
Richard Heinberg shows how a country can reduce its use of energy dramatically and quickly with relatively little sacrifice.

Ten Ways to Prepare for a Post-Oil Society
James Howard Kunstler believes that trying to salvage the motoring system by shifting it to other fuels will only make things much worse.

Climate Change Depends on System Change
Norm Dixon maintains that competition between capitalists ensures that each one must increase their production of commodities.

Big Enviro Groups Holding Back Anti-Warming Movement
Megan Tady argues that radically scaling back consumption is needed to ensure global environmental sustainability and equity.


The Plot Against Mexican Maíz
John Ross reveals how Monsanto’s testing its “YieldGuard” brand corn could contaminate a big chunk of the existing corn supply.

Breeding Rural Poverty and Environmental Degradation
Isabella Kenfield points out that Brazil’s sugar-based ethanol industry is based on multinational agribusiness buying out smaller companies.

New Fort Detrick “Biodefense” Laboratory May Reflect a Bush Germ Warfare Effort
Sherwood Ross notes the political utility of forms of biological warfare that can target specific genotypes.

Thinking Politically

Zionism and the United States
Larry Portis understands that American Indians and Palestinians have both been perceived as obstacles to the fulfillment of missions in question.

If Not Now, When?
Michael McPhearson recounts his journey to civil disobedience as one of reflection and hesitation.


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