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47 Synthesis/Regeneration       Fall 2008


Economics of Producing Less

The Economics of Less Stuff and Better Lives
Ben Wuloo Ikari testifies that his Ogoni homeland hasn’t benefited in any way from the production of crude oil for over 35 years.

Production-Side Environmentalism
Don Fitz explains that the key to resolving ecological crises is production, which can decrease massively with no reduction in meaningful consumption.

Is Sustainable Capitalism an Oxymoron?
David Schweickart believes that democratizing firms would allow workers to use productivity gains for leisure instead of higher consumption.

The Montesi Maneuver
Mitchell Szczepanczyk proposes to wipe out corporate power by wiping out the markets in which corporations thrive.

The Specter of Jevons’ Paradox
Jeff Dardozzi demonstrates that increased efficiency leads to increased overall energy consumption.

Get Ready for the Post-SUV World!
Stan Cox recognizes that even a mass replacement of SUVs with cars would not make the US a fuel-frugal nation.

Elites vs. Greens in the Global South
Walden Bello describes how environmental struggles have become an issue around which the anti-dictatorship movement can organize.

Thinking Economically

Labor Unions and Taft-Hartley
David Macaray sees a huge number of working people would like to become union members.

Does the US Constitution Mandate Free Trade?
Reviewing Jane Anne Morris’ Gaveling Down the Rabble, David Morris recounts how the Supreme Court decided that when Congress was silent, the Court could decide what Congress meant.

Gardening Alone Won’t Fix a Broken Food System
Stan Cox points out that the big-commodity market must not justbe modified but overthrown.

NAFTA and Mexico’s Agrarian Apocalypse
John Ross calculates that tortilla prices in Mexico have risen 126% under NAFTA.

Thinking Politically

Participatory Venezuela
Robin Hahnel reports that Chavez launched a massive program to create worker-owned cooperatives in both rural and urban areas.

Obliterate Them!
Andrew Wimmer realizes that a “limited” nuclear attack on the main Iranian underground site in Esfahan would result in three million people killed by radiation within two weeks.

Cynthia McKinney Deserves Your Support, Obama Does Not
Glen Ford warns that Obama wholeheartedly backs the militarization of Africa through the new US Africa Command.

Radical Clarity to the Concept of Real “Change”
Reviewing the collection of Murray Bookchin essays, Social Ecology and Communalism, Karl Hardy understands that nearly all of our present ecological crises originate in deep-seated social problems.

The Rhetoric of Power
Richard Burke reviews Immanuel Wallerstein’s European Universalism; The Rhetoric of Power, which charges that “universal values” do not exist and are the creation of western societies.

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