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52 Synthesis/Regeneration       Spring 2010


Painting the Wasteland Green

Frankencrops in the Caribbean
Carmelo Ruiz-Marrero warns that the model of industrial, corporate, globalized agriculture cannot continue.
Big Pharma: A Real War against Drugs
Joseph Grosso notes that, in the pharmaceutical industry, Pfizer may be the largest shark but it's not a solitary rogue.
"Vertical Farming" Doesn't Stack Up
Stan Cox and David Van Tassel explain that modern agriculture has managed to make food production an energy-losing proposition.
Pacific Islanders Struggle for Survival against Global Warming
In an interview with Simon Butler, Pelenise Alofa Pilitati and Reverend Tafue Lusama describe how their underground water has been salinated by the sea water.
Battle in Amazonia
Brenda Baletti, Gilson Rego and Antonio Sena charge that legal delays create large windows of opportunity for resources to be extracted rapidly.
Uranium Mining in the Grand Canyon
Brenda Norrell realizes that mining could poison the aquifer, which extends for 5,000 square miles under the Coconino Plateau.
It's Not Good for the Environment, Either
Kim Scipes reviews Barry Sanders' The Green Zone: The Environmental Costs of the Military.
Red Snow Warning
Chip Ward understands that making more water available never led to prudent use.
Sequel to Overshoot
Phil Ardery Jr reviews William R. Catton, Jr.'s Bottleneck: Humanity's Impending Impasse.

Thinking Politically

Court's Campaign Money Ruling Is a Red Herring
Jane Anne Morris argues that corporations function like retroviruses.
The Political Economy of the "Illegal" Immigrant
Steve Martinot believes that US corporate investment has constituted an impoverishment machine.

Less Energy

Look on the Bright Side
Richard Heinberg ponders that in the first four months of 2009, more bicycles were sold in the US than cars and trucks put together.
The Era of Cheap Oil Is Over
Michael T. Klare reveals that a new era of cutthroat energy competition is upon us.
What Was Decided in Copenhagen?
Brian Tokar reports that two and a half pages of diplomatic blather commit no one to any specific actions.
No Combination of Alternative Energy Systems Can Replace Fossil Fuels
Tod Brilliant reminds us that wind and solar energy still face important limitations.
Growing a New Climate
Henry Robertson points out that efficiency can only subtract to some minimum well above zero.

Thinking Economically

Economic Policy and Unemployment
Dean Baker says workers could work 20% fewer hours for 4% less pay.
"Free Trade's" Footprint a Decade after Seattle
Jane Anne Morris observes that, under "free trade," a government cannot ban the taking and export of plants, animals, or even water and soil.
Proposals for Antiproductivist and Participatory Socialism
R. Burke advocates breaking the connection between working and receiving an income.
Hell Is the Tijuana Assembly Line
Anne Vigna documents that the maquiladora encourage unbalanced growth and not development.

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