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54 Synthesis/Regeneration       Winter 2011


Scrambling for What's Left

Whither the Mangroves?
Nikolas Kozloff warns that, because mangrove trees grow so slowly, replacing them can take decades.
Struggle over the Xingú Dams Comes to a Climax
Terence Turner reports the Indians' plan to prevent construction by building a new village on top of the proposed site.
Another Paradise Lost!
A Surrealist Program of Demands on the Gulf of Mexico Oil Disaster.
Trucking Toward Climate Change
Dahr Jamail points out that oil from "tar sands" will likely become North America's single largest industrial contributor to climate change.
Water Wars, Climate Wars and Change From Below
David Solnit recounts how social movements in Bolivia have been co-opted and the few that remain independent are being criminalized.
Big Oil Makes War on the Earth
Ellen Cantarow documents that more oil is spilled from the Niger Delta's pipeline maze each year than has been lost so far in the Gulf of Mexico.
Haitian Peasants March against Monsanto
La Via Campesina asserts that sustainable, small-scale farming is more efficient at conserving and increasing biodiversity and forests than industrial agriculture.

Less of What We Don't Need

Spain's Marinaleda - Another and Better World Is Possible
Douglas Hamilton describes social ownership and employment creation going hand in hand.
Twenty-First Century Energy Superpower
Michael T. Klare predicts that China will significantly determine not only the prices we will be paying for critical fuels but also the type of energy systems we will come to rely on.
How the Myth of Unlimited Growth Is Destroying the Planet
Edgardo Lander tells Nick Buxton that creating more growth and more trade will have a much bigger impact than anything that might be decided in climate talks.
Searching for the 96%: Health Care in the US and Cuba
Don Fitz explains why quality health care does not have to be based on unending expansion of expensive medical technology.
New Work Centers and High-Tech Self-Providing
Juliet Schor realizes that to reduce ecological footprint and solve the unemployment crisis, hours of work should be reduced.

Thinking Politically

Contradictions in the Latin American Left
Immanuel Wallerstein reminds us that the indigenista movements do not seek a larger use of the earth's resources, but a saner one.
Reflections on Race, Class, Empire, and the First Black President
Paul Street perceives Obama as an eager, energetic and eloquent agent and exponent of US military imperialism.
The Little Red Book
R. Burke reviews Alain Badiou's The Communist Hypothesis.
The Greens as a Social Movement: The Early Years
Brian Tokar critiques an approach which renounced any structural ties of accountability between a Green political party and local activists.
Living in the End Times - A Book Review
R. Burke reviews Slavoj Zizek's idea that our collective acceptance that capitalism is doomed will allow us to find a way out of the current chaos.

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