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58 Synthesis/Regeneration       Spring 2012


Thinking Politically

A Green Perspective on Occupy St. Louis
The Green Party advocates jobs without environmental destruction.
Declaration of the Occupation of New York City
OWS announces to all people wronged by the corporate forces of the world that “we are your allies.”
Stand and Deliver!
R. Burke reviews Paul Buhle’s Robin Hood; Peoples Outlaw and Forest Hero, A Graphic Guide, which describes a legend undermining official discourse.
Thank Obama for the Occupy Wall Street Movement
Glen Ford believes that to “occupy” the enemy’s camp is to grapple with him in terms of power .
What OWS Can Learn from South Africa’s United Democratic Front
Grace Davie points out that a flexible, open, decentralized approach can succeed at dismantling oppressive systems.
Common Understandings and Affinity Groups
Kim Scipes notes that the Occupy Movement generalizes the specific grievances expressed at each encampment.


More GM Crops in Puerto Rico
Carmelo Ruiz-Marrero observes that doses far below those used on soy crops cause cell death in a few hours.
Who Will Feed the People?
Kollibri terre Sonnenblume looks to an agriculture that will be based more on animal power.
Why the Food Market Will Be the Next Bubble To Burst
Ari LeVaux understands that betting on hunger is, unfortunately, based on sound reasoning.
You Can’t Buy a Better Agriculture
Stan Cox advocates developing perennial grain crops through breeding.

Thinking Economically

Remembering Another Occupy
Don Fitz describes strikes that involved close to half a million Americans sitting down at their jobs.
Occupy Wall Street and the U.S. Labor Movement
Michael D. Yates & Farooque Chowdhury interview Steve Early, Jon Flanders, Stephanie Luce & Jim Straub about a movement that lets the class genie out of the bottle.
Sending a Message at the Ports
SocialistWorker.org recounts a day of demonstrations organized by the Occupy movement to protest police repression and union-busting.
Wisconsin’s Painfully Moderate Labor Uprising
Jane Anne Morris explores how quickly the Outpouring was de-fanged.
A Lesson for Labor from Occupy Wall Street
Steve Early explains that Occupy Wall Street gave unimaginative unions a much-needed ideological dope slap.
Kurzarbeit, “Living-Dead Capitalism,” and the Future of the Left
G. S. Evans demonstrates that reduction of the workweek is key to the survival of the Left.


from Jim West, response from Henry Robertson

[18 aug 12]
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