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59 Synthesis/Regeneration       Fall 2012



Small Is Bountiful
Henry Robertson forecasts that the future is in the hands of small farmers interested in conserving their land.
The Americans Take What They Want from Haiti—Even Near-Extinct Lizards
Dady Chery objects to those whose overarching interest is to publish scientific papers that move their careers along.
Med School Classes Cancelled in Havana
Don Fitz describes a mobilization campaign to combat dengue fever.
Why Fukushima Is a Greater Disaster than Chernobyl
Robert Alvarez documents that several pools of radioactive waste are completely open to the atmosphere and could collapse from another powerful earthquake.
An Agrarian Progressive: Henry A. Wallace
Carmelo Ruiz-Marrero recounts an outstanding example of the conflicting agendas behind the green revolution.

Less of What We Don’t Need

Eat, Sleep, Click: The Bicycle-Powered Internet
Jane Anne Morris points out that if the Internet were a country, it would be the fifth biggest power consumer.
The New Global Medicine
Don Fitz explains that the Cuban project includes rethinking, redesigning and recreating medicine in a way that meets the needs of the world’s poor.
Timor’s Oil: Blessing or Curse?
Guteriano Neves shows how oil comes with disaster, authoritarian regimes, environmental degradation, corruption, social inequality, and endemic poverty.
E-Waste Recycling Is Deceptive
Paul Palmer wants to know what the hell happens to the stuff that is recycled .

Thinking Politically

Ghosts of Gorz
R. Burke reviews The Immaterial and Ecologica, noting that in order to exploit knowledge, the capitalist enterprise has to privatize it
Chicago Spring: NATO and the 1% vs. the 99%
Kim Scipes observes that over $14 million was spent on NATO-related social events, yet the Mayor had closed down half of the City’s mental health facilities.
India and China Scramble for Africa
Jemima Pierre reports that cheap imports, from shoes to medicines, elbow rival African products aside.
Social Movements that Reimagined Argentina
Francesca Fiorentini explores the way they began to occupy buildings and organize themselves into work committees around press, culture, employment, services, health, political action, and community purchases.
“ObamaCare,” the Constitution, and Democracy: The Heart of the Matter
Jane Anne Morris worries that we are trying to plumb the depths of the true meaning of “commerce” instead of debating health care.

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