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60 Synthesis/Regeneration       Winter 2013


Thinking Politically

Against Miserablism
Richard Burke believes that people revolt when they become convinced that it is possible to succeed.
Obama’s Scramble for Africa
Nick Turse reports that under President Obama operations in Africa have accelerated far beyond the more limited interventions of the Bush years.
Latin America Moves Left and Forward
Carmelo Ruiz-Marrero worries that Latin America’s leftist revolution runs on oil and natural gas.
Sustainable Colonialism® in the Boreal Forest
Russ McSpadden explains the potential of an indigenous occupation to stave off clearcuts.
The Urban Revolution
Richard Burke reviews David Harvey’s Rebel Cities.
Inside the Psyche of the 1%
Don Fitz documents that people who prize material possessions are significantly less happy.
Mr. 1%
Poem by Henry Robertson.
Alternative Future
Poem by Henry Robertson.

Less of What We Don’t Need

A Critique of Jacobson and Delucchi’s Proposals for a World Renewable Energy Supply
Ted Trainer calculates that, for several days in a winter month in good wind regions, there would have to be almost total reliance on some other energy source.


We Grow Enough Food but Still Can’t End Hunger
Eric Holt-Giménez notes that the bulk of industrially-produced grain crops goes to biofuels and confined animal feedlots.
The Politics of Bread in Egypt
Stan Cox observes that prime lands of the Nile Valley and Delta are being lost to urban sprawl.
Rio+20: Farmers Mobilize against Green Capitalism
La Via Campesina objects to the irrigation of industrial crops while food crops are left without water.
Vavilov’s Achievement
Carmelo Ruiz-Marrero remembers a dozen scientists who starved to death while guarding the seed collection.
Occupy Monsanto: Occupy the Dialectic
Don Fitz describes an action when police and store management had no idea of what activists were doing until they were in the middle of doing it.

Thinking Economically

Did Organized Money Defeat Organized Labor?
Barry Finger realizes that the more labor supports the Democrats, the more labor is treated by them with scorn and contempt.

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