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Call for Papers on "An Environmental Look at the Collapse of Capitalism"

24 December 08

c/o WD Press, P.O. Box 300275, St. Louis MO 63130
E-mail: fitzdon@aol.com

Call for Papers on "An Environmental Look at the Collapse of Capitalism"

Synthesis/Regeneration: A Magazine of Green Social Thought invites the submission of papers of 1500-2500 words by

The spasmodic gasps amidst the downward spiral of the stock market presents a golden opportunity for the social improvements we all yearn for. A big decrease in production has the potential to benefit the entire world.

Unfortunately, political pontiffs of virtually every stripe blather that the US must do whatever it can to save "the economy." From Republican to Democrat to union bureaucrats to self-labeled "socialists" to Washington-based "environmentalists," there is a monotone chorus that saving "the economy" means resuscitating growth - the ever-increasing production of junk that is unnecessary, wasteful and/or destructive.

Corporate media has no space for a discussion of how societies can survive better with less. But Synthesis/Regeneration does. The S/R Editorial Board invites articles that address the problem that some people must work exhaustive hours so that their neighbors can be out of work, their children can suffer toxic poisoning, their grandchildren can be fried by global warming, and "the market" can wallow in a cesspool of useless crap.

Now is the time to design a new economy. Let S/R readers know what you feel needs to be included in that design. Send articles to fitzdon@aol.com embedded in the message and as DOC or RTF attachments [no DOCX or PDF attachments please].

See the S/R web site at: www.greens.org/s-r/

Please forward this message and post it on other lists.

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