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August 11, 1999

Dear Greens,

Several people have suggested that they would like to see the Winter 2000 issue of Synthesis/Regeneration (No. 21) have a section on Green Economics.

If you would like to contribute an article, please send a short description (10 to 25 words) describing what you hope to cover to the following address:

Articles can vary from very concrete descriptions of economic changes people are working on right now to theoretical pieces on how society should change production to encompass Green values. It would be very good if authors could include a description of how their ideas could translate into a GREEN LEGISLATIVE AGENDA, which could include changes at the local, state, national or international level (which Green candidates could use in campaigns).

We would like for articles to be about 1600 words (1400 to 1800 words). Longer or shorter is okay if you check with me first.

We need to RECEIVE articles by the first week of October. (Check with me if you would like to contribute but this would be too much of a time crunch..) E-mail is the best way, but a disc is okay too. For people who do not have computers, we will retype articles IF we have time (all volunteer work).

We very much need photos and drawings, but we MUST have written permission from the artist to use her/his material.



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