Gateway Green Alliance/Green Party of St. Louis

Date: Tue, 25 May 1999

Some Reasons to Support the Gateway Greens . . .

Dear Green or Greenish friend,

You've seen the Greens local newsletter, the Compost-Dispatch. You've seen Synthesis/Regeneration, the national Green magazine produced by the Gateway Greens in St. Louis.

But have you visited the new Gateway Green Center (6101 Delmar at Rosedale) and seen the genetic engineering display? Have you heard radio broadcasts of the GGAs efforts to have Webster Groves endorse the labeling of genetically altered food? Did you come to Grassroots Earth Day, a celebration initiated by the Gateway Greens without polluter funding? Have you seen "Green Time," St. Louis only environmental cable TV show, which is produced by Gateway Greens?

The Gateway Green Alliance must raise over $1000 per month to continue these efforts. The most important source of income is memberships from people concerned with the environment and social justice. Please look closely at the address label on the envelope. If it has a red "X," the GGA needs to receive your dues in order to continue sending you the Compost-Dispatch and Synthesis/Regeneration. If there is no red "X," we still hope you can send a donation.

Though the most visible recent work of the GGA has been on genetic engineering, we have devoted efforts to a wide range of areas since 1990:

Please join our efforts. In addition to supporting the GGA financially, we hope that you come to Green events on Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons at the Gateway Green Center.


Barbara Chicherio
Treasurer, Gateway Green Alliance, 314-727-8554

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