Gateway Green Alliance/Green Party of St. Louis

Gateway Greens schedule for April 2000

8 pm, Sat Apr 1.
SEIZE THE DAY concert. English folk group. Join them for their first show after Biodevastation 4 Gathering in Boston. Call Mary Jo at 314-348-3323. $5 admission

1 pm, Sun Apr 2.
Missouri Green Party NOMINATING CONVENTION. Dean Myerson, national Green Party Liaison for the Nader campaign is coming to address the convention. Select between Nader, Jello Biafra, Steven Gaskin and Joel Kovel for nominee. Begin ballot petitioning. Call Barbara at 314-727-8554.

7 pm. Wed Apr 5.
Green Party of St. Louis/GGA general membership meeting. Brenda Shoss, Vice-President of St. Louis Animal Rights Team discusses "Factory Farms." Slide show. No admission charge. Call Joan at 314-993-8862.

7 pm, Thu Apr 6.
Earth Day 2000 planning meeting at Gateway Green Center. Lots of momentum now that Jim Hightower has confirmed he will be keynote. Call digger, 314-771-8576.

3 pm, Sat Apr 8.
General clean-up at Center. We need volunteers. Call Joan at 314-993-8862.

5:30 pm, Sun Apr 9.
Synthesis/Regeneration Editorial Board. Review material for Summer/Fall 2000 issue. Necessary to read articles first. Call Don at 314-727-8554. To get electronic copies of articles, send message to

8:00 pm, Sun Apr 9.
Native American trio BLACKFIRE will appear in benefit concert. The group has just returned from a European tour and received a Native American Music Award (NAMMY) nomination for Best Hard-Rock/Metal Band. A $5 donation and non-perishable food item are suggested. Call Byron at 314-725-9965.

5 pm. Tue Apr 11.
Join Green Time TV production at Double Helix Studios.
Call Louise at 314-367-8888.

7 pm. Wed Apr 12.
Medical Waste incineration opponents meet to strategize for shut-down of north St. Louis incinerator. Call Dan at 314-772-0322.

noon Sat Apr 15.
Missouri Resistance Against Genetic Engineering (MoRAGE) information alert at area supermarket. Call Tammy at 636-458-5026.

2 pm. Sun Apr 16.
Green Finance Committee. Necessary plans for keeping track of bank accounts and raising funds (including grant writing) for Earth Day 2000 and to keep Center open. Call Randy at 314-772-4223 or Fred at 636-938-3504.

7 pm, Mon Apr 17.
Last Earth Day 2000 planning meeting at Gateway Green Center. Call digger, 314-771-8576.

7 pm, Wed Apr 19.
Green Party of St. Louis/Gateway Green Alliance Coordinating Committee meeting at Gateway Green Center. All GGA members welcome. Plan topics for next several General Meetings. Call Barb, 314-727-8554.

7 pm. Thu Apr 20.
"Gulf War Syndrome," a presentation by Joyce Riley, RN at Gateway Green Center. This is the first Earth Day 2000 event. Call Tammy at 636-458-5026.

3 pm. Fri Apr 21.
Jim Hightower speaks at Washington University, Graham Chapel for Earth Day 2000. Call digger, 314-771-8576.

10 am - 5 pm. Sat Apr 22.
Earth Day 2000 workshops and festivities at Washington University, Brookings Quad. Call digger, 314-771-8576.

7:30 pm. Sat Apr 22.
Jim Hightower speaks at Webster University for Earth Day 2000. Call digger, 314-771-8576.

5 pm. Tue Apr 25.
Join Green Time TV production at Double Helix Studios. Call Louise at 314-367-8888.

7 pm. Wed Apr 26.
Compost-Dispatch editorial meeting. Mail May 2000 issue and plan June issue. Call Tammy at 636-458-5026.

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