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Earth Day: Because we are all in this together.

Earth Day 2000, Saturday, April 22, is a big holiday for the new millennium. Earth Day is a time to celebrate on our common interests as a people, and as inhabitants of this wonderful planet. The St. Louis Earth Day 2000 planning committee invites you to get involved in planning a community-wide, multi-site celebration. On Tuesday, February 22, 2000, at 7 PM, the St. Louis Earth Day 2000 volunteer planning meeting will be held at the Missouri Botanical Garden. We invite interested individuals and groups to join in planning Earth Day activities. We especially invite community organizations, environmental groups, civic and youth groups to send representatives of your groups to find out how you can be involved in Earth Day.

St. Louis Earth Day 2000 brings the celebration to a new level of activity by occurring simultaneously at many sites throughout the area. Events already planned for April 22, include the All Species Parade at 2 PM in Forest Park, with entertainment co-sponsored by Missouri Department of Natural Resources and the Natural Living Expo, sponsored by the Healthy Planet, to be held at the Webster Groves Recreation Complex, just south of Elm and Highway 44, from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM. A Run for the Earth, educational programs, and several town hall meetings are also part of the Earth Day program plans. St. Louis cultural organizations, including the Saint Louis Zoo, Missouri Botanical Garden, St. Louis Science Center, Magic House, Missouri Historical Society, St. Louis Art Museum, and others are hosting Earth Day activities. St. Louis County Parks and Missouri State Parks are coordinating park restoration projects and nature hikes.

Volunteers are invited to help in the support of these and other special events. In addition, we invite individuals, families and groups to make masks, costumes, and/or non-motorized floats and to join the march in the All Species Parade. Groups are invited to join the parade under their own banner; families are welcome to come on their own or as part of larger organizations.

St. Louis Earth Day is focused on the interconnectedness of all life. We live with far more in common than we generally realize. Culturally we seem to spend a lot of time trying to define what makes others different from ourselves. We root for different sports teams, we attend different churches and schools. We support different political candidates.

Earth Day offers us an opportunity-- and an excuse-- to rise above our differences. Let's notice what we have in common and celebrate what we share. We all have and need the Earth. We can celebrate that fact that we all breathe the same air, we all walk on the same earth, we rely on the same water to drink and we are powered *each and everyone of us- by solar energy that is captured and transformed into food by green plants.

Our Earth Day celebration will focus on the interconnectedness of life on Earth, our common heritage and interdependence. In addition, specific institutions and organizations will focus on the themes of biodiversity, clean air and water, and energy efficiency.

The Alliance for A Livable World organizes St. Louis Earth Day. The Alliance seeks to strengthen our community by focusing on common bonds and creating dialogue based on shared interests. The Alliance has a planning committee representing over 25 environmental and educational organizations in the St. Louis region. Budweiser is the primary underwriter of St. Louis Earth Day 2000. For information about St. Louis Earth Day 2000, please call 962-5838 or 776-4442.

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