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Download Missouri Petition for Nader

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Read this carefully also if you are downloading the MS WORD VERSION (MoGrnPet.doc) to print!

Missouri petitions are on legal size (14") paper. The user needs to do two important things for this to work, and failing to do either one will cause bad things to happen:
1. In the Acrobat reader (version 3.0 or higher), go to File/PrintSetup and change the Paper Size to Legal (8.5" x 14").
2. Put legal size paper in the paper source and print on it.

Missouri law requires that all pages of the petition be the same size. Since the regular printed petitions are on legal size, petitions on letter size (or any other size) will be INVALID, even if reduced to include all of the wording. Originality doesn't count!

This is a 2-page petition (1 sheet printed front and back). Petitions without the second side are INVALID.

The circulator of the petition must still be a Missouri resident, though not necessarily a registered voter (a former requirement, recently repealed).

The circulator must use a separate petition page for each county, because all signers of any page must be residents of the same county. Signatures of persons from a different county will not count. Please note that the City of St. Louis is a separate county from St. Louis County.

When finished, the circulator of the petition must sign the petition at the bottom (the place for the "Affiant") in the presence of a notary public, and have his/her signature notarized. To arrange for a notary, call the Green Party at the Gateway Green Center at (314) 721-3192.


Whichever version you download, be sure to click on the link below to Talking Points/Petitioning instructions. COORDINATE YOUR PETITIONING WITH THE CONTACTS ON THAT PAGE. The process is precise, and errors WILL make your signatures invalid. Remember, the complexity is intentional, because the politicians who made these laws don't really want new parties on the ballot. Don't give in to them! IF YOU HAVE ERRORS IN YOUR PETITIONING YOU CAN HURT THE EFFORT. Please take the time to read (and print out) all instructions. Nader's worth it!

Download Nader petition (to save, right-click here)
    MoGrnPet.pdf [Acrobat format (ver 3 or higher) - 17 kb]

Download Nader petition (to save, right-click here)
   MoGrnPet.doc [MS Word 97 format - 49 kb]

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