Gateway Green Alliance/Green Party of St. Louis

St Louis EARTH DAY 2000

April 20, 21 & 22

Sponsored by the Green Party of St. Louis/Gateway Green Alliance
For information contact Daniel Romano at 314-771-8576

Thursday, April 20

at the Gateway Green Center - 7:00 p.m.

The Gulf War Syndrome
Joyce Riley is an outspoken advocate for the veterans of the Gulf War that were exposed to biological agents and have become seriously ill. Joyce is herself a veteran nurse of that war and tells a compelling story of how U.S. corporations were responsible for providing chemical and biological weapons to Saddam Hussein and how our government failed to protect its service men and women.

Jim Hightower
Featuring author, radio personality and progressive political commentator Jim Hightower speaking on “Saving the Globe from Globalization: The Impact of World Trade on Labor and Human Rights” and promoting his new book, If the Gods Had Meant Us to Vote, They Would Have Given Us Candidates

Friday, April 21

3:00 pm Environmental Misinformation and The Creation of Social Injustice
Book signing at 2:30 pm at Graham Chapel

Saturday, April 22

7:30 pm
"Saving the Globe from Globalization:
The Impact of World Trade on Labor and Human Rights."

Book signing at 7:00 pm at the Webster University Gym

Featuring LIVE MUSIC: Red Squares and Highway Matrons
DANCE by Sahara Sands Productions
STORYTELLING by Daniel Romano
VEGETARIAN FOOD and activities for children

There will be information on important issues of our times, including the following workshops:

11:00 am THE DINEH (NAVAJO) STRUGGLE AGAINST FORCED RELOCATION: These traditional Native people are struggling to stay on their homeland on Big Mountain (in northeast Arizona). The US Government, in collusion with Peabody Coal and the Hopi Tribal Council, are trying to clear them from the land so that Peabody can strip mine.

11:00 am MISSOURI VOTERS FOR FAIR ELECTIONS: Conducted by Linda McDaniel, former Chair of the Governor’s Commission of Fair Elections, this workshop will examine why electoral reform is so important and who gives money and what they get for it. The workshop will also touch on globalization, because buying governments isn’t just a US activity any more.

NOON: THE EFFECTS OF ECONOMIC SANCTIONS ON THE IRAQI PEOPLE: Mira Tanna, of the American Friends Service Committee, has traveled to Iraq. She will describe the suffering of the people there (including the deaths of thousands of children) due to US/ UN imposed sanctions.

NOON: INDUSTRIAL AND MEDICAL USES OF HEMP: We can save our forests by using hemp for paper fiber instead of wood pulp. Medical research has found many beneficial uses for the hemp plant. Why we should end the drug war and free the weed! This workshop will be conducted by Mark Rieke of NORML.

1:00 pm ADDRESSING POLICE VIOLENCE IN ST. LOUIS: Officer Dennis Mclin of the Saint Louis Police Department explains why he has chosen to speak out against police brutality--even at the risk of his own career in the department.

1:00 pm TRANSPORTING NUCLEAR WASTES; A DEADLY CHOICE: Local anti-nuclear activist Kay Drey will talk about the Department of Energy’s plan to transport high level radioactive wastes from nuclear power plants around the country to Yucca Mountain, Nevada. Many of these wastes will travel by rail and truck through the metropolitan St. Louis area. Drey will describe this plan, the danger to the public and the lethal legacy of nuclear power.

2:00 pm THE FUTURE OF AGRICULTURE: GENETIC ENGINEERING OR ORGANIC FARMING?: Activists Don Fitz and Tammy Shea will discuss what the human health, environmental and economic risks of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). What are the advantages of organic agriculture? Which is the best choice to feed a hungry planet?

2:00 pm THE OGONI STRUGGLE FOR ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE IN WEST AFRICA: Shell Oil drills for oil in Ogoniland (Nigeria) and has caused oil spills, burn-offs and devastating environmental destruction on the land of these indigenous people. The oil company has supported a military dictatorship responsible for murder and other abuses of human rights. This workshop will be conducted by the Movement for the Survival of the Ogoni People (MOSOP).

3:00 pm FACTORY FARMING: Brenda Shoss, of the St. Louis Animal Rights Team, will conduct a slide show presentation on factory farming and the suffering that animals endure, made after her visit to Farm Sanctuary last summer. START members will host an open discussion on the dangerous effects of factory farming to human health, environment and the animals.

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