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Beyond Evolution, by Dr. Michael W. Fox, has just been published

Beyond Evolution, by Dr. Michael W. Fox. (Lyons Press, 212-620-9580, ext. 33)

This book presents the full picture of genetic engineering. Dr Fox has an incredible talent for synchronizing how this radical technology has the potential to effect the health and spirit of the ecology and her creatures. This book needs to be on the best seller list!!
-- Laurel Hopwood

The Publishers Weekly wrote this starred review:

"From bioethicist and animal-rights activist Dr. Michael W. Fox comes an eloquent and scathing indictment of the biotechnology industry that could trigger a national debate. Whereas biotech's supporters welcome pigs bioengineered to produce human hemoglobin, transgenic plants that secrete their own insecticides and 'supercrops' that presumably will feed the world's hungry, Fox views the creation of these transgenic animals and plants (made by inserting a gene from a dissimilar organism) as fundamentally unethical and unnecessary...Blasting the FDA for its failure to implement labeling requirements, Fox warns that 'genetic pollution' is inevitable as bioengineered crops, bacteria, fish, and other organisms spread their anomalous transgenes into the Earth's life-stream. Fox's succinct book is the most cogent and persuasive to date on a global issue that, if he is right, has already reached nightmarish proportions."

Dr. Michael W. Fox is a professor, bioethicist, and veterinarian who has spearheaded the movement to foster the ethical treatment of animals since 1976. Dr. Fox was born in Bolton, England, earning his degree in veterinary medicine from the Royal Veterinary College and his PhD from the University of London. He has authored and published over 40 books. Besides writing and lecturing worldwide, Dr. Fox has appeared on television The Tonight Show, and he has spoken about bioethics and conscious food choices on National Public Radio, The Today Show, and National Geographic Society specials. Dr. Fox says that he wrote Beyond Evolution because "concerned consumers need to be more informed about their food sources, support public interest groups pushing for better government oversight, and above all support organic farmers and purchase organically certified food." He currently resides in Washington, DC.

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