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Mon, 3 May 1999

Gateway Green Center expanding its activities and hours

More groups are using the Gateway Green Center (6101 Delmar at Rosedale, by the Delmar Metro Station). In March, MoPIRG held its Hunger Cleanup from the Center, and, beginning in July, the Labor Party would like to hold meetings at 7 pm the second Thursday of every month. The more groups that use the Center, the more people see the genetic engineering display. Please urge environmental and other progressive groups to send messages to if they would like to use the space.

Since March, the Gateway Green Center has been open Wednesday evenings at 7 pm for meetings, Saturdays from 3 to 7 pm for Green activities, and most Saturday evenings from 7 to 10 pm for cultural events.

The Center is keeping those times and expanding hours to include 3 to 7 pm the first Wednesday of the month. This means that there should always be someone there to keep the Center open before the monthly General Meeting at 7 pm.

We need people who are willing to commit to 4 hours a month to continue expanding our activities. Please call Don at 727-8554 if you can volunteer for any of the following times:

Our current crew of Center volunteers is as follows:

Since no alcohol, tobacco or other drugs are allowed at the Center, people of all ages are welcome.

Mon, 3 May 1999

Gateway Greens Receive Grant; Need $ for office and Lawsuit

The Gateway Green Alliance just received a grant of $2000 from the RESIST for the "Biotechnology Alert Project." According to our grant proposal, the Project is designed "to expose the use of genetic engineering to worsen social inequality as it threatens human health and ecological balance. The campaign will strengthen ties between St. Louis environmental, farming, religious, labor, student and social justice activists who are challenging biotechnology. It will (a) build a grassroots Earth Day, (b) maintain a storefront for environmental activism, (c) purchase video equipment for cable TV productions and (d) expand newsletter distribution."

Though $2000 is a tremendous boost to the GGAs work on genetic engineering, it will only meet a fraction of our expenses. Rent, utilities and other expenses for the Gateway Green Center (6101 Delmar at Rosedale, by the Delmar Metro Station) will be about $10,000 the first year.

Additionally, grant monies CANNOT be spent for legal action. It appears that we are going to have to collect $ for a lawsuit to ask the court to order the City Council of Webster Groves to follow its City Charter. Though the GGA obtained 563 signatures and the County of St. Louis certified 490 were valid (only 338 were required), the Webster City Council decided to ignore law and the wishes of its residents and act in a way consistent with the expressed desires of Monsanto staff. The City Council intends to block a referendum. If it succeeds in doing so, IT WILL THREATEN THE RIGHT OF CITIZENS IN EVERY MISSOURI MUNICIPALITY TO EXERCISE THEIR RIGHT OF INITIATIVE PETITION. We very much need to raise $ for a lawsuit.

The most important source of income is directly from members. We hope that everyone who is not a member or has let their membership lapse will send dues to "Gateway Greens" at P.O. Box 8094, St. Louis MO 63156. Due are:

If your dues are paid up, you can still send a donation.

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