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  • Host Don Fitz interviews candidates for Missouri Governor Zaki Baruti (Green Party) and Rev. Larry Rice (Independent). The candidates compare Ralph Nader's exclusion from the October 17 Presidential debate in St. Louis to their exclusion from several Missouri debates for Governor.

    Zaki Baruti discusses the need to protect Missouri's environment by stopping medical waste incineration and lead mining. Known for his opposition to the death penalty, Larry Rice emphasizes the need for state government to protect low income citizens. (October-November 2000 Green Time #109)

  • Host Don Fitz and Missouri Green Party nominee Mary Ann McGivern discuss attempts by the Secretary of State to keep her and Frank Eller off the ballot and efforts to exclude Ralph Nader from the Presidential debates. (Aug-Sept 2000 Green Time #105)

  • On August 18, 2000, farmers, environmentalists, safe food advocates and social justice activists will converge on Monsanto’s World Headquarters for a "Mobilization for Safe Food and Family Farms." Participants will call for a moratorium on genetically altered crops and rally in support of family farms. The protest will then shift to the office of US Senator Christopher Bond, an aggressive supporter of the biotechnology industry. (August 2000 Green Time #102)

  • "Breaking the Bank" is an on-the-scene presentation of the historic protests in Washington DC on April 16 and 17, as thousands of demonstrators challenged the prime instruments of globalization, the World Bank and International Monetary Fund—and had to contend with the repressive tactic of the police. Host Don Fitz introduces the DeepDish TV production, which shows footage of the demonstration and interviews environmental, labor and human rights opponents of global financial domination. (August 2000 Green Time #100)

  • American taxpayers pay at least $200 million each year to build roads that benefit logging companies as well as mining and oil companies seeking access to publicly-owned Forest Service lands. Join MOPIRG's Sharon Smith to learn how the Clinton administration has a unique opportunity to protect all 60 million acres of wilderness in America's national forests. (July 2000 Green Time #99)

  • Over 600 St. Louisans participated in Earth Day 2000 activities coordinated by the Gateway Green Alliance. This Green Time features the keynote talk by Jim Hightower, who details the growing socio-economic inequality and environmental degradation in the US. Hightower describes how policies of Al Gore and George Bush benefit their corporate sponsors and are equally destructive to average people. (July 2000 Green Time #98)

  • Stericcycle’s medical waste incinerator is in a mixed race St. Louis community. It continuously emits vapors that contain dioxin and mercury, as well as other toxins. Dioxin from the stack spreads several hundred miles, while mercury affects people within a few miles surrounding the burner. Physician Dan Berg and ACORN’s Gail Schumpert team up with Green Time host Don Fitz to discuss what should be done with the medical waste incinerator in north St. Louis. (June 2000 Green Time #97)

    The Presidential race in 2000 reflects popular struggles over world trade, corporate influence of politics, use of depleted uranium in war, genetic engineering, toxic pollution, salvage logging, drug policy, single payer heath plan and labor rights. Will the Nader campaign advance a progressive agenda or detract from realistic goals? This Green Time features Adelphia Communications’ "Exclusive Interview with Ralph Nader." Host Barbara Chicherio discusses the Nader campaign with Don Fitz of the Missouri Green Party and John Hickey of Missouri Pro-Vote. (June 2000 Green Time #96)

    Toxic waste sites are disproportionately located in communities of color, communities which also experience racial profiling and police brutality. Fair promotion of Black people in jobs, especially within police departments, is needed for strong community development. Host Don Fitz discusses elements of environmental racism with Zaki Baruti of the Universal African Peoples Organization. (May-June Green Time #95)

    "Hemp, Hemp, Hooray!" is an inspiring, educational glimpse into the potential of the world’s most useful and versatile plant, cannabis hemp, and its renewed role in the industrial marketplace. (May Green Time #94)

    "Environmentalists Under Fire" is a new video produced through the cooperation of the Sierra Club and Amnesty International. Mira Tanna of AFSC discusses the role of environmental activists in Ogoniland with Noble Obani-Nwibari, President of MOSOP International (Movement for the Survival fo the Ogoni People) and Blessing Wifa, of the Ogoni Women's Leadership Movement. (April-May 2000 Green Time #93)

    February 1, 2000 was the deadline for Navajos living on Hopi partitioned land to sign a 76 year lease with the Hopi tribe or apply for federal relocation benefits. This Green Time includes on-site footage of Native Americans who decided to remain at Big Mountain. (April 2000 Green Time #92)

    Host Louise McKeel discusses Earth Day events at Washington University and Webster University with Earth Day 2000 organizer Daniel Romano. (March-April 2000 Green Time #91)

    "Ancient Forests: the Power of Place" shows why public support is needed as Congress makes critical decisions on the future of forests. (March 2000 Green Time #90)

    Learn about Citizens for Midwifery and about giving birth at home from Margaret Henderson, Chair of the Legislative Committee for Midwifery of the Friends of Missouri Midwives. (March Green Time #89)

    Heartwood is dedicated to protecting Midwestern hardwood trees. Host Barbara Chicherio and Missouri Heartwood guests Devin Scherubel and Heidi Bennett discuss chip mills and the resource depletion incurred by logging in the Mark Twain National Forest. (February Green Time #88)

    Dennis McLin, a 13-year veteran of the St. Louis Police Department, began speaking out against brutality when he witnessed police violence. Host Don Fitz, Officer McLin and Susie Chasnoff discuss proposals to deal with police brutality. (January-February 2000 Green Time #87)

    Host Don Fitz, Zaki Baruti, of the Universal African Peoples Organization, and Jamala Rogers, of the Organization for Black Struggle, discuss police violence in the St. Louis area. (January 2000 Green Time #86)

    FOOD WITHOUT FEAR is Yvette Vanson's classic British Vegetarian Society's video which links a meat-based diet to animal cruelty, environmental destruction and corporate control of agriculture. (January 2000 Green Time #85)

    FOOD FOR THOUGHT, a 30-minute video by award-winning director Ed Schehl describes the ethical concerns, the threats to organic farming, and the potential health hazards of genetically engineered foods. (Dec 1999-Jan 2000 Green Time #84)

    When Howard described the practice of feeding ground up cows to other cows and the hormones, antibiotics and pesticides that cows are exposed to, Oprah exclaimed, "I'll never eat another burger!" (Dec 1999 Green Time #83)

    Learn about ways you can join Missouri’s Ozark Trail Team and enjoy some of the wild and scenic beauty along the trail that is sometimes called Missouri’s best kept secret. (Nov-Dec 1999 Green Time #82)

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