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Invitation: The Missouri Green Party has petitions to put Ralph Nader on the ballot in Missouri

The Green Party of St. Louis/Gateway Green Alliance gets together to gather signatures at the following time:

Every Saturday 9:30am - 2:30pm CDT

We meet for training at the Gateway Green Center, 6101 Delmar (at Rosedale by the Delmar Metro Station) and if training is needed it is provided and then you are sent out to collect signatures to get Ralph Nader and the Green Party on the ballot in Missouri.

IF YOU ARE IN ST. LOUIS, please e-mail or call me to let me know which Saturdays you can come.

IF YOU ARE IN AN AREA OTHER THAN ST. LOUIS, please e-mail or call me to let me know what materials you need and where they should be sent.

We have the following available for collecting signatures:

I hope everyone can start getting signatures right away.

Don Fitz, 314-727-8554

Where we are petitioning (St. Louis):

Missouri Greens have collected several thousand signatures to get Ralph Nader on the ballot for US President in November. But we are far short of the goal of 10,000 valid (15,000 needed) signatures. We need as much help as people can give to collect signatures.

There are four types of events St. Louis Greens are petitioning at. (Teams in Columbia and elsewhere are finding their own locations.)

1. The Green Party of St. Louis/Gateway Green Alliance meets every Sat morning at 9:30 am in May and June at 6101 Delmar (at Rosedale, a block east of Skinker). Those who cannot do morning petitioning are welcome to come in the early afternoon. After checking in, people go to one of these locations:

2. People are welcome to take petitions to go other places during the week, such as:

3. Progressive events. These are already being posted on the GreensStL listserv. Please post other events you know of on GreensStL

4. Festivals. The only one we have scheduled now is Fair in the Square, Sunday afternoon, May 21 in the Delmar Loop. Please post other festivals you know of to the GreensStL listserv.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that people turn in their signed petitions every week. There is a notary at the Gateway Green Center on Saturdays, 9-10 am and 2-4 pm.

Questions? Contact any of these folks:

Don Fitz314 727-8554
Tim Barnhart314
Tom Palazzolo   314
Gateway Green Center      314 721-3192

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