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Call Food Makers:
NO Genetically Modified Organisms

We Can Stop Genetically Engineered Foods

Food companies are waiting to hear from consumers.

Wall Street Journal, Oct. 7, 1999, front page: "Biotech Scare Sweeps Europe, and Companies Wonder if the US is Next" "Will U.S. shoppers demand that the foods they eat be 'biotech-free,' the same way they want 'fat-free' or 'organic' items?"

"The food industry is commissioning surveys to track public sentiment toward GE. Hershey is among several companies checking to see how quickly they could switch their factories from GE if attitudes soured."


Phone a company a day: your favorite brands, supermarkets, this sampling (below) of big food companies not using (or feeding to their animals) organic alternatives to rBGH dairy, GE soy, corn, canola, potatoes, cottonseed oil, tomatoes, NutraSweet, etc., and their derivatives.

Just say something like. "I'm concerned about the effects of genetically engineered foods/ingredients and want them removed from your products so I can (continue to) buy them."

The phone numbers (below) are good to have to call these companies. If you want to notify food companies via website, one way to get a lot of offending food companies' websites is to go to their propaganda arm Grocery Manufacturers of America's website:

  • From the bottom of the Home page select "GMA Brands".
  • From the bottom of that page select "Members and Brand Links" (it's a small link, bottom left ).
  • On the page that comes up select "Brand Websites". You should now have a list of the major USA GE foods, beverage and "healthcare" products.
  • For a list of companies producing these products, plus links to their sites (useful for obtaining e-mail addresses etc), select "Members Websites".

If you want the Flyer as an attachment and/or if you want the original Wall St. Journal article text, please email me.

At Supermarkets -- Use Customer Comment Cards

Amy's Kitchen -- 707-578-7188
Bestfoods -- 877-545-4401
Barbara's Bakery -- 707-765-2273
Campbell's -- 800-257-0500
Coca-Cola Company -- 800-438-2653
Con-Agra -- 877-877-2718
Dannon Co., Inc. -- 800-321-2174
Dole Pkgd Foods Co. -- 800-232-8888
Dreyer's Grand Ice Cream -- 510-652-8187
Fantastic Foods -- 800-845-4558
Frito-Lay -- 800-352-4477
General Mills, Inc. -- 800-326-1144
Healthy Choice -- 800-323-9980
H.J. Heinz -- 516-626-0500
Hershey Foods Corp. -- 800-468-1714
Kellogg Company -- 800-962-1413
Kraft corp. -- 800-323-0788
La Choy (Hunt-Wesson) -- 800-633-0112
Land O' Lakes, Inc. -- 612-481-2222
McDonald's Corp. -- 708-575-3000
Nabisco, Inc -- 818-549-6000
Nestle USA, Inc. -- 818-549-6000
Pedigree Dog Food -- 800-548-4786
PepsiCo, Inc. -- 800-237-3774
Pillsbury -- 800-767-4466
The Quaker Oats Co. -- 800-234-6281
Sara Lee -- 800-800-3791 & 312-726-2600
Similac Infant Formula - 800-323-9100
Tony's Pizza Service -- 800-533-5290
Tyson Chicken -- 501-290-4000
Whole Foods Market -- 512-488-5566

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