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Dear Green or greenish friends,

More than any other issue, the war in Yugoslavia has divided Green against Green across the globe. Some Green Parties, most notably that of Germany, participated in the war which they argued was necessary to protect Kosovo refugees. Most Greens felt this participation was anathema to the Key Value of Nonviolence.

Synthesis/Regeneration 20 presents perhaps the fullest diversity of Green views in print. It includes documents from German Green Party members explaining their support for the war, criticism from members of The Greens/Green Party USA, and an array of statements from Greens throughout the world. It features perspectives on the Yugoslav war not prevalent in the mainstream media.

S/R 20 also has sections on important Green work on "Biodevastation" and ideas for Green "Political Strategies."

S/R 20 will be back from the printer in time to discuss the Yugoslav war at the Gathering of The Greens/Green Party USA in Washington, DC, July 22 - 25. If you can't come to the Green Gathering, rates for S/R 20 are:

1-4 copies, $3.95 each;
5-9 copies, $3.00 each;
10+ copies, $2.00 each.

Please make checks to "WD Press" and mail to P.O. Box 24115, St. Louis MO 63130. For priority mail orders and orders outside of the US, we will also have to bill for postage. Subscriptions to S/R (4 issues) are $15 (additional postage if outside US).

In solidarity,

Don Fitz,
Editor, Synthesis/Regeneration

July 99

20 Non-Violence and the War in Yugoslavia (Contents)
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