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This computer is the home of www.greens.org, in San Jose, California. . If you're doing Green work, there is room for your Web site and email services here.

Debian+GNU (Gnu and penguin looking at each other)

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If you're new here, read these pages:

Here are answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the World Wide Web, maintained by Tom Boutell. I like the dusty old FAQ.

Our operating system is mostly Debian-4.0. We use Apache, which happens to be the world's most popular Web server software. (also PHP4 and MySQL) (See, also, the ApacheWeek e-zine, and these notes about Web server performance.) Of course, it doesn't matter which operating system you use to read our Web sites or prepare yours. Most of our contributors use MacOS or MS-Windows.

The Debian Project Documentation contains HOWTOs, FAQs, and software updates.

Handy browser start page.

Our three stage spam rejection system keeps most junk email out. DANGER: We block as much of Korea Net and China Net as we can find. If you have correspondents in those nations they'll need to send from someplace outside the country. Korea's problem is a real crisis for that nation and we wish them well in their battle to control it, but in the mean time there is no point in accepting mail from Kornet. I have heard the Korean people are used to it, and use something like Hotmail or Yahoo for international email.

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