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Synthesis/Regeneration 29   (Fall 2002)

Greens Lead in Anti-Euro Campaign

The Green Party of England & Wales

Euro would Oppose Sustainable Economics

The Green Party says that Britain will be better able to establish a truly sustainable economy outside of the Euro. If a sustainable system is to be effective and meet the genuine needs of all society it needs to be locally sensitive, decentralized and democratic.

Dr. Caroline Lucas, Green Party MEP for South East England, said “If we are trying to shift our economy to a more sustainable path it simply does not make sense to hand over the key levers of economic decision making to an unaccountable bank in Frankfurt.”

A sustainable economy in Europe would involve a commitment from the EU to put social and environmental justice at the heart of their policies, and move towards a system of self-reliant economies.

Where has all the power gone?

The single currency will drive the process of globalization faster, say the Greens. Caroline Lucas denounced this system as “Wholly unaccountable and undemocratic.” She continued: “The fundamental lack of credibility and legitimacy, which can only get worse in the EU, will affect the level of democracy in our everyday lives.”

The Green approach would allow communities and local governments to take back control over their local economies and enable them to rebuild stability. This is a model not only for Britain but also for all the regions of the world, she said.

Greens are not anti-Europe

Dr. Lucas explained that the NO campaign is one that crosses and dismantles the definition of left/right politics. The Greens’ anti-Euro stance is neither right wing nor xenophobic, but based on protecting democracy and the environment. The Green Party believes in decentralisation of power to national, regional and local levels, as appropriate, in order to create a democratic and cooperative Europe.

Caroline Lucas MEP concluded: “It is precisely because the British Greens have a wider vision about the role of Europe that we are so critical of the narrowly defined economic objectives of the EU.”

Contact Green Party press office 020 7561 0282, office@greenparty.org.uk

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