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Synthesis/Regeneration — A Magazine of Green Social Thought     
Green Social Thought

A Magazine of Synthesis and Regeneration     

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    Winter, 2013 S/R 60: Growth is Plunder is available.
Articles on capitalism, Green capitalism, world energy, and occupying the one-percent. [16 nov 12]    Table of contents.

Crystal Washington at MWH, Sept 17 2012. Photo: Don Fitz

Sustainable Colonialism® in the Boreal Forest —Russ McSpadden
Inside the Psyche of the 1% —Don Fitz
The Politics of Bread in Egypt —Stan Cox
Occupy Monsanto: Occupy the Dialectic —Don Fitz
Did Organized Money Defeat Organized Labor? —Barry Finger
Vavilov’s Achievement —Carmelo Ruiz-Marrero
Critique of Jacobson and Delucchi’s Proposals for a World Renewable Energy Supply —Ted Trainer

    Fall, 2012 S/R 59: Looters and Savers is available.
Articles on recycling, Fukushima, medicine, Henry Wallace, and the "Green" Internet. [14 aug 12]    Table of contents.

An Agrarian Progressive: Henry A. Wallace —Carmelo Ruiz-Marrero
Eat, Sleep, Click: The Bicycle-Powered Internet —Jane Anne Morris
The New Global Medicine —Don Fitz
India and China Scramble for Africa —Jemima Pierre
E-Waste Recycling Is Deceptive —Paul Palmer

    Spring, 2012 S/R 58: Occupy: The Turning Point? is available.
Articles on Robin Hood, agriculture and food, Wisconsin, and Occupy. [18 aug 12]    Table of contents.

Declaration of the Occupation of New York City
A Lesson for Labor from Occupy Wall Street —Steve Early
Robin Hood: Stand and Deliver! —review by R. Burke
Who Will Feed the People? Obstacles to Small-Scale Agriculture in the US —Kollibri terre Sonnenblume
Time for a New Unionism? Wisconsin’s Painfully Moderate Labor Uprising —Jane Anne Morris
Kurzarbeit, “Living-Dead Capitalism,” and the Future of the Left —G. S. Evans

    Winter, 2012 S/R 57: Empire Decaying.
Articles on Wisconsin, Fukushima, postal workers, and the pipeline. [2 dec 11]    Table of contents.

Postal Workers: The Last Union —by Allison Kilkenny
Why Personal Change Does Not Equal Political Change —by Derrick Jensen
A Green Look at the Wisconsin Spring —by Jane Anne Morris
Meltdown Before the Tsunami Hit: TEPCO’s Darkest Secret —by David McNeill and Jake Adelstein
Iceland’s Ongoing Revolution —by Deena Stryker
An Affirmation of Labor’s Subordination to Capital —by Geoffrey McDonald
The Great Divide —by Henry Robertson

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Selected articles on Green economics
Pointers to 16 articles on Green economics from S/R 1993-2002.
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Selected articles on Green candidates and elected officials
Pointers to ten articles on Green electoral politics from S/R 1997-2002.
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Selected articles on Green visions and political action
Pointers to 12 articles on Green activism from S/R 1993-2002. [1 aug 00 updated 7 oct 02]

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This web archive contains about 1,380 articles (most of the text from some 2,400 pages— ~57 issues (18 years)—of the magazine):

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Synthesis/Regeneration is independently published by a network of Greens and others, as a project of the Gateway Green Education Foundation. Synthesis/Regeneration is printed on recycled paper in a union shop.

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