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18 Synthesis/Regeneration       Winter 1999


Biodevastation: The Process Has Been Named
Greg Thompson describes the Grassroots Gathering which was the basis of this collection.

Introduction to Biotechnology

Resisting Biotechnology and the Commodification of Life
Brian Tokar feels that biotech is being used to ignore underlying problems that confront humanity.

Problems with Genetic Engineering
Ronnie Cummins questions the process of reducing living beings to the status of manufactured products.

What Is Genetic Engineering?
Ricarda Steinbrecher gives the basics, beginning with cell biology.

from Roberto Verzola and Martin Frid.

Artificial Foods and Human Health

Quick Fix or Sustainable Cuisine?
Charles Margulis maintains that the unpredictability of genetic engineering leads to food safety risks.

Protection Racket
Brewster Kneen explains that companies like Monsanto avoid taking responsibility for the consequences of their products.

Why We Need Labeling
Michael Hansen & Jean Halloran detail potential allergic, toxic and antibiotic resistance effects of genetically altered food.

Milk Controversy Spills into Canada
Peter Montague argues that the 1993 approval of rBGH may have been based on faulty data.

Seeking Withdrawal of Approval for Posilac®
Andrew Kimbrell & Joseph Mendelson petitioned the US FDA based on new evidence of rBGH absorption and IGF-1 health risks.

Control of Information

The Akre-Wilson BGH/Fox Saga
Jane Akre & Steve Wilson were fired for refusing to distort what they learned about rBGH.

Monsanto's Public Relations Boomerang
Andy Zimmerman thinks that attempts to silence critics hurt efforts to put on a happy face.

Ecological Balance & Biological Integrity

What Is Wrong with Nature?
Ricarda Steinbrecher wonders if genetic scientists actually know what they are doing.

Promiscuity, Pollination, and Genes
Sonja Schmitz. is concerned that escape of herbicide resistant genes could disrupt ecosystems.

Good Intentions & Engineering Organisms that Kill Wheat
Elaine Ingham thinks it is possible to engineer a microorganism that would kill terrestrial plants.

More Dangers of Genetically Altered Plants
Eric Aplyn notes that genetic engineering can damage beneficial insects & cause genetic pollution.

How the Terminator Terminates
Martha Crouch explains a patent for killing second generation seeds of crop plants.

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