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13 Synthesis/Regeneration       Spring 1997


Seeing Green
Acknowledgments, and a comment on cooperation: are Greens politically mature enough to cope with differences?

Worldwide Green

Ecology as Politics: The Green Party of Canada
Wendy Priesnitz does not believe politicians create change.

Partido Verde Ecologista de Mexico
Arnold Ricalde de Jager reports many party leaders speak native languages.

7 Razones Para Votar Por El Verde Ecologista

The Green Party of Aotearoa/New Zealand
Rosalie Steward reports that Greens are the only Alliance partners seeking election to local office.

Update on Proportional Representation in New Zealand and The New Zealand Alliance
Curt Firestone describes a victory over big business funding of traditional politics.

The Tasmanian Greens
Chris Harries reports Greens hold a balance-of-power in four Australian legislatures.

Green Party of Taiwan Supports Eastern Turkestan
Kang-Yu Chen & Tze-Luen Lin support self-determination of Eastern Turkestan.

How Green Was My Party?
John Morrissey relates the stormy development of the Green Party of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

A History of the Swedish Greens
International Secretary Ursula Mueller reports that Swedish Greens won 17.2% of the vote in the 1995 European parliamentary elections.

The Norwegian Green Party
Trondheim City Councilor Jan Bojer Vindheim covers division of Norwegian Greens on economics, militarism, whaling and drugs.

The Greens in Spain
Former City Councilor Esteban Cabal describes the schism of Spanish Greens into three tendencies.

Ibiza Greens and Sustainable Tourism
European Greens try to protect the Balearic Isles.

Revolution in the French Greens
Catherine Greze sees "contractual autonomy" shaking things up.

Inside back cover: Greens Plan Conferences in Niger, Brazil, and Australia

A Progressive Alliance

Autonomy within Solidarity
Mike Albert forsees an umbrella organization with a vast range of progressive and left projects.

Building a Broad People's Movement
Ron Daniels tells Cynthia Strecker political work flows from principles that unite us.

Toward A Radical Democracy On the Left
Greta Gaard thinks the left is not heeding voices of women, gays, lesbians and people of color.

Independent Political Action: Not Fusion
Left Green Eric Chester warns of blurring lines of demarcation.

Growing Pains in Iowa
Greg Thompson says Green Parties may be preferable to alliances.

Lessons for a New Politics
David Finkel warns top-down organizing limits potential.

Thinking Green

Arcata: City Council Green Majority
Jason Kirkpatrick has campaign promises to keep.

A Green Drug Policy
Bob Brister calls the "war on drugs" a massive social disaster.

Marijuana & German Greens
Mike Feinstein outlines a plan to legalize cannabis.

Nuclear Madness in Space
Karl Grossman sees a plutonium problem if Cassini blows up.

Reviews & Letters

Staughton Lynd's We Are All Leaders: The 1930s Alternative Unionism
reviewed by Norm Diamond

Noam Chomsky's The Role of the Media in Manufacturing Consent
reviewed by Nancy Allen

On the Need for a Maximum Wage
by Jeffrey Vogel

Building an Electoral Alliance
by Richard Winger

Green Party, Trade Union Movement and World Government
by Hugh Crockard

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