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14 Synthesis/Regeneration       Fall 1997


Who Are The Greens?
Introductory comments about the Greens and our organizational strife.

US Greens Strategize

IPPN Summit in Decatur
Greg Thompson sees the Green Party as the best-suited organization to battle multinational corporations.

The Grassroots of Green Party Democracy
Howie Hawkins says individual members are at the core of structure.

A Historical Look at Green Structure, 1984-1992
Jodean Marks details the origins of the current Greens/Green Party USA.

Finding A Focus, Staying on Message
Patrick Mazza wants to publicize a simple yet adequate agenda.

The Crisis in Green Politics
Kwazi Nkrumah reflects on confusion and conflict among Greens.

All Politics Is Local
Winston Grizzard would like traveling organizers for Green campaigns.

News from Santa Fe
Cris Moore reports successes of Greens in local government.

A Unity Perspective
Jim Nicita sees leadership problems with both the Greens/Green Party USA and the Association of State Green Parties.

Green Dream of a Green Bud
Starlene Rankin wants unity between people who share common values.

Worldwide Green

European Greens Reach Outward
Niki Kortvelyessy counts 18 Green Parties in national parliaments.

Open Door for French Greens
Rene Wadlow describes the Left-Green coalition which won the 1997 elections.

The Political Decomposition of the German Greens
Peter Staudenmaier thinks the party has repudiated its principles.

Bündnis 90/Die Grünen
Regine Barth says German Greens support European integration.

The Irish Green Party
Eugene O'Shea feels that nationalism has enslaved more than it has liberated.

Bulgaria: The Heavy Mission of the Greens
Aleksandar Karakachanov describes Green responses to massive political and economic changes.

Genocide in East Timor
John Miller tells the story that won support from Australian and European Greens.

Biodevastation and Response

Biotechnology: The Vital Issue Now
Andy Zimmerman does not want to see the earth's genetic material privatized.

Campaigns Against Life Patenting
Beth Burrows agrees with indigenous peoples that "imperialism is perpetuated through intellectual property rights."

Biotechnology: Resisting the Engineering of Life
Brian Tokar worries about dramatic advances in control and manipulation by a powerful few.

European Greens Confront Patents, Novel Food & Cloning
Steve Emmott reports that Greens in the European Parliament are leading the critique of genetic engineering.

Vandana Shiva's Biopiracy: The Plunder of Nature and Knowledge
reviewed by Laura Winton


Taiwan Looks to North Korea for Nuclear Relief
Anna Gyorgy sees rich countries paying poor countries to take their nuclear waste.

Nuclear Deregulation and Energy Alternatives
Harvey Wasserman maintains that renewables are the cheapest form of energy.

Blockade of Nevada Test Site Highway
Susan Lee describes being arrested for protesting nuclear weapons testing .

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