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20 Synthesis/Regeneration       Summer 1999


The Permanent War Machine and the Rise of Deathwashing
"Fischer could have exposed the Big Lie for what it was...he chose not to..." —Don Fitz.


Ethical Dangers of Genetic Engineering
Ron Epstein worries that flaws in the technology will become a negative heritage for future generations.

Ban Milk Products with Cow Growth Hormone
Greens in the European Parliament cite adverse health impacts on cows and humans.

Don't Take Liberties with Our Genes
Phil Bereano says hundreds of healthy people have suffered genetic discrimination.

Boycott Called Against Rice-Tec Biopirates
The Basmati Action Group believes life-patents further the power of corporations.

Breast Cancer Biz
Allison Sloan demonstrates that business benefits from detection rather than prevention.

Political Strategies

French Greens Surge Ahead
Rene Wadlow suggests that Daniel Cohn-Bendit may not be a "team player."

Labor Party Sets Its Electoral Strategy
Howie Hawkins feels that Greens can learn from Labor Party practices.

The Politics of a Green System
Mike Woodberry wants Greens to advocate new economics.

Non-Violence and the War in Yugoslavia

Message from Belgrade
Sonja & Milan Prodanovic experienced the bombing.

A "Humanitarian War" for an Imperialist Peace
Howie Hawkins says the war was to keep European countries subordinate to the US.

Ecological Catastrophe Hits Yugoslavia
Mitchel Cohen describes poisonous clouds billowing over homes.

Depleted Uranium in War
Tim Judson is concerned that, upon impact, up to 70% of uranium vaporizes into a fine that can spread for miles.

Black Radical Congress Opposes Bombing of Yugoslavia
The BRC thinks that the best way to oppose war is organizing against police brutality and militarism in the USA.

On Kosovars, Apaches, and "Ethnic Cleansing"
Zoltan Grossman observes the military's use of helicopters named after victims of the US' ethnic cleansing.

Labor Militancy vs. Ethnic Conflict in Yugoslavia
Dave Stratman explains an orchestrated strategy to use ethnic fighting to divide and destroy the workers' movement.

War in Yugoslavia—Background to a Green Decision
Germany's Deputy Foreign Minister Ludger Vollmer considers the Rambouillet negotiations a major Green foreign policy success.

Will "Think globally, act locally" be Replaced by "Think Eurocentrically, act militarily?"
Swedish member of the European Parliament Per Gahrton asks if his country will become a sub-province of a German-French empire.

Open Letter From The Greens/Green Party USA to Joschka Fischer
"It will do more good for the cause of peace and human rights if the Greens maintain the integrity and credibility of our principles."

Green party statements on Yugoslavia:

Resolution on Kosovo - European Federation of Green Parties

    Statement by the Dutch Green Left

        Statement by the French Greens Les Verts

            German Green Executive Committee Statement

                Statement by the Green Party of Canada

                    Statement by the Green Party of Aotearoa New Zealand

                        Statement by AGALEV (Belgian Greens)

                            Statement by the Mexico Ecologist Youth Movement

                                Statement by the Green Party of Albania

An Appeal from American Jews to the Green Party of Germany to Stop the Bombing of Yugoslavia
#List of signators to the Appeal

Debunking the Lies
Mitchel Cohen notes that PR firms created an appearance of "genocide."

Toward a Genuine Peace in Kosovo (Bielefeld, May 13)
The Federal Board of German Greens affirmed that they were faced with conditions for which they bore no responsibility.

Letters from Daniela Stojanova, Petros Evdokas, Bob Brister, and Joel Kovel

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