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12 Synthesis/Regeneration       Winter 1997


Building a Political Alternative
Don Fitz introduces the Political Roundtable on Green electoral strategies.

A Political Roundtable

Forging an Independent Progressive Politics Network
Ted Glick thinks progressives can be major political players by 2000.

Labor Party Adopts a Call for Economic Justice
Kit Costello reports on the Labor Party founding convention.

New Party Builds Successful Local Coalitions
Jim McGrath believes running as a Democrat is a tactical question.

We Are the Leaders We've Been Looking For
Pittsburgh CNT Chair Claire Cohen argues that people of color must be in the leadership of a successful left political effort.

Peace and Freedom Party from 1967 to 1997
Casey Peters exposes liberals who defend the capitalist status quo.

A Third American Revolution
Colorado Green Mary Cal Hollis recounts her 1996 Presidential bid on the Socialist Party USA ticket.

The Greens After the Nader Campaign
Syracuse Green Howie Hawkins wants unity instead of division.

Comments on Building a Political Alternative:
reflections on the potential for political alliances.

Los Angeles Green Kwazi Nkrumah: Beyond Issues, Platforms, and Rhetoric

Minnesota Green Holle Brian: Is Fusion a Route for Green Parties?

California Green Walt Sheasby: Coming Up with a Mixture of Integrity and Diversity

and Green Vice-Presidential Candidate Muriel Tillinghast: A Catalyst for Change

Ballot Access and Mr. Bigg
New Hampshire Attorney Patrick Fleming warns that established parties protect their interests.

A Green Campaign for Governor of New Hampshire
Guy Chichester tells Panhandle Green Mavis Belisle of his arrest.

Toxic Challenge

Long Island Radio Action
Peconic Green Ron Stanchfield organized a nuclear alert.

Food Security Is Challenged
Green Korea activist Anna Gyorgy interviews Ecofeminism author Maria Mies.

Profile of a National Sacrifice Area: Calvert City, Kentucky
Corinne Whitehead doesn't think burning nuclear waste brings environmental justice to Calvert City.

Waste Not, Dump Not
Kentucky activist Kristi Hanson does not want a nuclear dump.

Green and Other Laws

"Welfare Reform"
New York Green Mark Dunlea says Clinton killed a safety net in place since the Great Depression.

Proportional Representation: A Close Vote
Wayne Shepard describes a ballot initiative campaign that won 44% support in San Francisco.

Corporate Power or Labor Power?

Why Greens Should Support a Reduced Work Week
Gateway Green (and Wobbly) Richard Burke feels that fewer working hours should be an environmental goal.

Is Shorter Work Time an Option for American Labor?
New Directions founder Jerry Tucker looks for a re-born labor movement which engages in political action.

Book, Video Reviews

Ron Danielson's From the Ground Up
reviewed by Greta Gaard

T. Colborn, D. Dumanoski & J.P. Myers' Our Stolen Future
reviewed by Barbara Chicherio

Roger Morris' Partners in Power: The Clintons & Their America
reviewed by Aaron Rizzio

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