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15 Synthesis/Regeneration       Winter 1998


Greens in Latin America

Green Movements and Parties in Latin America
Chilean Green Rosa Moreno explains that Latin America has been compelled to surrender its resources to northern countries.

Green Power: An Ecological Alternative in Bolivia
Diego Torres Peņaloza describes the response of Green Power to terrible social conditions and extreme poverty.

The Brazilian Green Party
Carla Rabelo chronicles the growth of Brazilian Greens since their 1986 formation by ecologists, artists, intellectuals & anti-nuke activists.

The Green Ecological Party of Mexico in the 1997 Elections
Don Fitz reports the election which gave Mexican Greens over a million votes and the first federal senator in the western hemisphere.

Ecologists in Uruguay: People Who Act
Mabel Portillo wants to replace Uruguay's hierarchical government with federalist structure.

Boosting Sustainable Development in Ecuador
Martha Cecilia Burgos strives to overcome neoliberal policies which undermine Ecuador's environment.

Worldwide Green

A Green Statement for the Kyoto Climate Conference
Greens from around the world propose solutions for destabilization of the planetary climate.

Mixed Lessons of PR in New Zealand
Sue Miles says proportional representation may not offer a tremendous advantage to Greens.

European Federation and Norwegian Greens Uncover Mine Trade
Franz Floss & Torleif Johnsen demand an immediate halt to the secret importation and stockpiling of anti-personnel mines.

US Greens Strategize

Ecology and Consciousness
e b bortz argues that obstacles to an environmental revolution lie in our own weaknesses in the political arena.

Greens Propose Unity: The 1997 Gathering
Don Fitz explains that state Green Parties are now the unit of representation of The Greens/Green Party USA.

An Organizing Proposal for Green Parties of the US
Steve Hill feels proportional representation is the life-blood of Green Parties.

Whither US Greens?
Letters from Mitchel Cohen, Patrick Mazza, Dean Myerson & Eugene Carrington propose organizational strategies.

Biodevastation and Response

Biopiracy, Patenting & International Trade Agreements
Beth Burrows foresees patents leading to devastation of local industries and importation of high-cost products for developing countries.

Whose Organic Standards?
Ben Lilliston & Ronnie Cummins expect the federal government to allow some genetically engineered food to be labeled "organic."

The Next to the Last Stand
Billy Stern says the Cove/Mallard timber sale reflects the Forest Service's failing land use policies.

The Infestation of Chip Mills in the Southern U.S.
Danna Smith notes that accelerated clearcutting impacts water quality and wildlife habitat.

Fish Farms
Alexandra Morton surmises that corporate aquaculture leads to toxic algae blooms and fish disease.


NATO on Notice: Get Rid of Illegal Nukes
Jack Cohen-Joppa asks if an appeal to international law can help bring about nuclear disarmament.

Depleted Uranium as Low Intensity Nuclear War
Mitchel Cohen has a low opinion of nuclear waste being "recycled" into weapons.

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