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22 Synthesis/Regeneration       Spring 2000


On Green Unity
Joel Kovel on how to address the split between two national Green organizations.

A Green Presidential Primary

Beyond Populism
Joel Kovel believes that breaking corporate power is necessary but not sufficient for building a better world.

Jello Biafra for President
The creative force of pioneering punk would abolish the military, withdraw from the WTO, lower the voting age to five and adopt a parliamentary system.

Stephen Gaskin for President
The founder of "The Farm" promises to provide universal health care, fix the Vets Benefit System, decriminalize marijuana and pass the ERA.

A Nader/LaDuke Campaign and Movement Building
Ted Glick thinks this campaign can galvanize an anti-corporate, pro-labor, environmental alliance.

Local Green Politics

Green Politics in Ohio and Putting Nader on the Ballot
Paul Dumouchelle participates in ASGP activities to advance the Green cause though his heart is with the GPUSA.

Why We Run
Rebecca Kaplan feels it is important for Greens to run people who are more than "protest candidates."

Green Caucus Forms in Vermont
George Plumb reports on Vermont Greens.

Ithaca Green Party Wins Its First Seat
Paul Glover reports the first election of an undergraduate to the Ithaca City Council.

Activities of the Green Party of New Jersey
Madelyn Hoffman sees Greens bridging the gap between grassroots organizing efforts and electoral work.

The Green Party in Iowa Grows
Dan Coleman reports the election of a Green to the Iowa City City Council.

Thinking Politically

Debating Fusion, Elections, Movement-Building
Tony Mazzocchi and Bob Masters square off on how to build an effective, labor-based independent party.

New Year's Eve Times Square Agitprop
Joel Meyers roused proletarian masses to a pre-revolutionary fervor.

All Our Relations and Prison Writings
Byron Clemens reviews books by Winona LaDuke and Leonard Peltier.

What If They Gave a War & Nobody Paid Attention?
Ramsey Kysia maintains that sanctions against Iraq are the single greatest weapon of mass destruction.

Growing the Red/Green Paradigm
Walt Sheasby relies on eco-socialist currents to link voices of protest.

Thinking Economically

Economic Justice in the New Millennium
Larry Rinehart explains why Greens should seek to limit income of the wealthy.

A Political Analysis of Michael Shuman's Going Local
Howie Hawkins supports ownership structures that limit the mobility of capital.

Letters to the Editor
Charlie Jones, Paul Gagnon, Tom Smith & Edith Gbur comment on Green economics.

Resisting Globalization

The Historic Significance of Seattle
Vandana Shiva observes that globalization is not an inevitable phenomenon but a political project.

Beyond Seattle
Mark Ritchie advocates democratic decision-making on a global scale.

Biotechnology and Biosafety: Battle Royale of the 21st Century
Kristin Dawkins notes disadvantages suffered by developing countries in WTO negotiations.

Mexican Bean Biopiracy: US-Mexico Legal Battle Erupts over Patented "Enola" Bean
RAFI reports that patenting a color is no joke.

Biosafety Talks End on Mixed Note
Lim Li Lin warns that the Montreal agreements do not override multilateral agreements of the WTO.

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