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17 Synthesis/Regeneration       Fall 1998


Should Greens Defend Bill Clinton?
Don Fitz comments on the spectacle.

U.S. Greens

A Green Candidate for Governor of Texas
Susan Lee Solar opposes George Bush's role in making Texas a route for nuke waste transportation and a target of sewage sludge.

"Grandpa" Al Lewis Runs for Governor of New York
Mitch Cohen says a famous candidate is responsive to the grassroots.

The Arcata Initiative on Democracy and Corporations
Paul Cienfuegos describes a ballot initiative on dismantling corporate rule in the first US city with a Green majority government.

Nuclear Waste: Transportation vs. On-Site Storage
Klaus Schumann doubts that nuclear safety issues can be met with a substantially reduced workforce.

Ballot Access in Florida
Richard Sommerville & Christina Clemenson's Green local is focusing on improving ballot access for minor parties.

Worldwide Green

European Parliament Surrenders to Corporate Pressure
Steven Emmott attempted to block the European Parliament's approving virtually unlimited patenting of animals and plants.

WTO Party Marred by Anti-Globalization Protests
Martin Khor notes that the celebration of 50 years of free trade in Geneva had to be protected by security forces.

Citizens' Alternative Treaty to the MAI
Canadian Green Party Leader Joan Russow has helped publicize a concrete alternative to free trade.

Tale of Two Paolos
Bob Rudner ponders if Graviotas plus arcology will reinvent the city and save the planet.

Brief Note: Estonia Greens in Trouble
Ralph Monoe reports on the Estonia Green Party.


Bananas: A Danger to Human Health & the Environment
Stephen Thiele wonders how Costa Rica can be lauded for human rights while it permits flagrant labor violations.

Puerto Rico Revolts against Privatization
Carmelo Ruiz watched labor lead a broad alliance to stop attempts to sell their country out to foreign corporations.

Kim Scipes' KMU: Genuine Trade Unionism in the Philippines
R. Burke reviews a book on the most militant labor organization to emerge from the struggle against Ferdinand Marcos.

Documents from the Samara Strike Committee
Vladimir Bilenkin translated documents by Russian workers victimized by privatization.

What Kind of Labor Party Do We Need?
Staughton Lynd advocates the labor movement's using both direct action and electoral politics.


Letter to the Grameen Bank
Vandana Shiva says that support of patented seeds would help enslave poor farmers.

Monsanto Solicits Africans
George Monbiot believes that modern-day famines are caused by deficiencies in distribution.

African Scientists Condemn Monsanto's Tactics
African agriculturalists oppose claims that genetic engineering is necessary to feed the world.

Monsanto's Uncontrolled Field Test in Eastern Europe
Greenpeace reports that transgenic potatoes were a financial disaster for farmers in Georgia.

Monsanto vs. the First Amendment
Against the Grain warns of perils of genetic technologies in agriculture.

Jasmine Rice of Thailand
Witoon Lianchamroon & Piengporn Panutampon explain how patenting rice is plundering from the poor of Thailand.

Seed Terminator & Mega-Merger Threaten Food and Freedom
Geri Guidetti thinks that terminator technology will break the cycle which supports life on the planet.

Patenting Products of Nature
Henry Robertson describes the court decision and laws which allow corporations to patent plants.

Suit Filed to Force Labeling of Biotech Foods
Plaintiffs are challenging the marketing of 33 genetically engineered foods.

A Proposed Model Law to Prevent Genetic Discrimination
The Council for Responsible Genetics proposal to prohibit use of genetic information by insurers and employers.

A Petition: No Patents On Life!
The Council for Responsible Genetics wants to exclude living organisms from patents.

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