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23 Synthesis/Regeneration       Fall 2000


After November 7
"Will Green groups be able to hold onto their contacts and build a broad movement around proposals for environmental and social justice legislation?"

A Presidential Discussion

Acceptance Statement of Ralph Nader
The Green Party Presidential candidate believes that worsening concentration of corporate power has turned the government against its own people.

              Ralph Nader's election night speech

Nader, the Greens, and the Socialist Party Campaign
Socialist Party Presidential Candidate David McReynolds wants to run on a solid political platform to build a movement.

Thinking Politically

"Red Ken" and the Greens in London
Howie Hawkins thinks the May 4, 2000 elections rekindled hopes for a Red and Green New Left.

Speech at Antioch University
Mumia Abu-Jamal honors those who turned their backs on class advantage to give a voice to the most oppressed.

The Jonny Gammage Law
Rev. Larry Ellis wants federal prosecutors who are not tied to "old boy networks" in local justice systems.

Protests of Sanctions on Iraq Should Be Wake-Up Call to US
Cliff Pearson reminds us of food shortages and malnutrition.

The School of the Americas Tries to Hide with a Name Change
Sarah Nelson opposes military training which advocates torture, execution and blackmail.

Active Nonviolence at D2KLA
Bob Brister practiced nonviolent intervention in Los Angeles.

The Non-Violent Army
Ted Glick sees demonstrations in Seattle & Washington DC as models.

Thinking Economically

Paradigm Shift: Challenging Corporate Authority
Paul Cienfuegos advocates challenging corporate privilege rather than one corporate abuse at a time.

Co-ops: The Post-Corporate Activism
Keith Wright believes the best way to expose corporate illegitimacy is through a positive alternative which increases the quality of life.

Some Thoughts on Everyday Green Economics
Nancy Oden feels that people need to contribute for the good of all.

Reviews of Marx's Ecology and Marx and Nature
Tom Smith argues that Marx saw the exploitation of producer classes as the flip side of society's exploitation of nature.

A Further Political Analysis of Michael Shuman's Going Local
Howie Hawkins likes the proposal that communities adopt a strategy of self-reliance through local production for local use.

Community-Based Economics: Answers to Respondents
Steve Welzer anticipates a little private enterprise here and a little public enterprise there.


Precautionary Principle: Current Status and Implementation
Joel Tickner & Nancy Myers explain the need to avoid risks rather than assess how much risk is acceptable.

Genetically Engineered Vitamin A Rice
Vandana Shiva documents the varied sources of Vitamin A and its potential for toxicity.

Review of Vandana Shiva's Stolen Harvest
Dalia Sapon-Shevin agrees that biotechnology is aiding the return of tenant farming.

Building Resistance in Canada
Lucy Sharratt reports on grocery store pickets and a change in national awareness.

Toxic Wastes & the New World Order
Mitch Cohen documents how US law protects traders rather than recipients of toxic waste.

Green Group Victory
The European Patent Office upheld Green objections concerning the neem tree.

Green Education

What Is Green Education?
Keith Schillo seeks links between knowledge of the environment and how we live in the environment.

Standardized Tests Flunk
Judi Hirsch advocates changing the relationship between teacher and student.

Greening the Campus
Steve Breyman describes how faculty and students realize green values.

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