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24 Synthesis/Regeneration       Winter 2001


Post-Election Reflection: Where Do Greens Go Now?

Post-Election Organizing: Winning Over the Grassroots
Howie Hawkins believes the Nader campaign opened possibilities for political mass action.

The Election Nobody Won
William T. Hathaway maintains that Bush didn't win the election, but seized power legalistically.

Greens Win Board of Supervisors Seat in San Francisco
Mike Feinstein reports Matt Gonzalez' concern with candidates who support the death penalty & oppose gay marriage.

Problems Facing Any Third Party
David McReynolds would like to see Greens and Socialists backing each others candidates.

Tilting at Windmills
Paul Prior says the winner-take-all system makes enemies of groups that are needed as allies.

Racial Blind Spot Continues to Afflict Greens
Frances M. Beal decries the lack of passionate outrage at the denial of the right to vote due to race.

Greens on Racism and Electoral Reform
Statements on the Florida vote from Ralph Nader, Medea Benjamin, and the Greens/Green Party USA.

Union Democracy and the AFL-CIO on Trial
Mike Griffin tells the story of David Johnson, who was brought up on charges after making a personal, public statement supporting Ralph Nader.

A Hard Days Night
Mitchel Cohen suggests that cynicism comes from doors being slammed in one's face.


How the Biotech Fruit Trees Were Stopped
Andy Zimmerman quotes Linda Edwards' explanation that the only farmers making money from GMO's are those growing non-GMO crops.

Stop Biopiracy-Drop Basmati Patent
Ben Lilliston notes that cross-breeding is derivative and not an invention.

Horizontal Gene Transfer Happens
Mae-Wan Ho warns that gene recombination has created new bacterial and viral pathogens.

Global Tragedy of the Commons at COP 6
John Hickman & Sarah Bartlett document that some nations which emit small amounts of carbon dioxide will be the hardest hit by global warming.

Genuine Green Unity?

The Strange Odyssey of Greens in the US
This introduction to the section on "Genuine Green Unity?" is based on a presentation by Don Fitz at the Gateway Green Center in St. Louis on January 3, 2001..

Proposal for Genuine Unity
Basic negotiating document of the Greens/Green Party USA.

Joint Proposal of the Negotiating Committees of the Association of State Green Parties & the Greens/Green Party USA
Proposed agreement regarding ASGP-G/GPUSA and the formation of a US Green Party. Also known as the "Boston Proposal."

Notes on the Recent Proposal to Kill the GPUSA
Don Fitz suggests that a decision by the GPUSA to self-exterminate would make a pack of lemmings blush green with envy.

Report from the G/GPUSA Negotiating Committee
Richard Whitney, Starlene Rankin, Julia Willebrand, Jeff Sutter, Steve Welzer & John Stith explain the document.

Statements from Green Parties in St. Louis, Syracuse, Michigan, Minnesota, Virginia, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania & Indiana

The Politics of the Boston Proposal
Howie Hawkins wants one ballot line Green Party.

Report on the ASGP Vote on the Boston Proposal
John Stith notes concerns expressed in Hiawassee.

Opposition to the Joint Proposal
Richard Evanoff feels that the GPUSA structure should form the basis for unity because it is more inclusive than the ASGP or Boston Proposal.

On the Negotiated Statement
Mitch Cohen finds that ASGP rules are not helpful for grassroots activist work.

Unity...At What Cost?
Barb Sweeney asks if two separate groups can exist and work together.

Greens in Civil Society
Larry Rinehart believes that the civil society aspects of the movement should have an institutional form parallel to the political party.

The Boston Proposal in Context
Steven Herrick argues that implementation of the Boston Proposal would end four years of bickering.

Where Should the Greens Be Going?
Letters from Les Evenchick, Nancy Oden, & Elizabeth Fattah.

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